Malohkeh was the chief scientist of a Silurian colony under Cwmtaff, Wales.

Biography Edit

Hibernation Edit

Malohkeh and the father of a girl called Kaya were good friends, and he helped his daughter into hibernation. (PROSE: The Little Planet)

Meeting the Doctor Edit

Malohkeh's family had been studying the "apes" for centuries and he was fascinated by their evolution. He would strap adult humans to a surgical table and begin dissections and other experiments on them while they were still alive, but would take only samples from children. He dissected Mo Northover and strapped Amy Pond to a surgical table and was just about to dissect her when he was interrupted by an emergency; the Eleventh Doctor and Nasreen Chaudhry had been captured.

He tried to decontaminate the Doctor but since he was not human, it harmed him. Malokeh stopped it. He awoke Eldane from stasis and brought him to stop Restac and the other Silurian soldiers from killing the humans and the Doctor when he saw that Restac was going too far as the city's "protector".

He released Mo's son, Elliot, from suspended animation as a gesture of amity, earning the Doctor's friendship. However, he soon found Restac waking more of her warriors to wage unneeded war against humanity. Malohkeh was shot and killed by Restac before he could do anything to warn the Doctor of her threat. (TV: Cold Blood)

Alternate timeline Edit

Alternate Malohkeh

An alternate Malohkeh. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

In a world where all of history occurred at once because River Song did not kill the Doctor, Malohkeh was the physician of Holy Roman Emperor, Winston Churchill. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

Personality Edit

Malohkeh was devoted to his work as a scientist and was fascinated by the human race. He originally saw humans as little more than an interesting type of animal and was willing to dissect adults while they were conscious. Although he was willing to slice open adult humans, he only took samples from children. Despite dissecting humans, Malohkeh didn't seem to be a sadistic person. As humans were, from his point of view, animals, he seemed unable to understand that they could feel pain; this was even when they spoke the same language as him and protested.

As time went on, however, Malohkeh realised that humanity had evolved into an intelligent species. After realising this, he became an ally of the Doctor and wanted to bring peace between humans and Silurians.

Malohkeh shared an antagonistic relationship with Restac, who eventually killed him. (TV: Cold Blood)

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