Maldon was a town (AUDIO: The Battle) in Essex. (TV: Spyfall) It was the site of a well-documented Viking raid on 10 August 991. (AUDIO: The Battle)

Geography Edit

Maldon was located near the River Pant, also known as Blackwater. Northey Island, located in the river, was visible from the town. (AUDIO: The Battle)

It was located to the south-east of Cambridge and to the north-east of London. South-west of Maldon were Basildon and Brentwood, and west was Chelmsford. (TV: Spyfall)

History Edit

On 9 August 991, the Tracers Abby and Zara arrived in the town of Maldon in their search for Marek. By the next day, the sisters had discovered Marek's absence, but still decided to stay to help avert the complete destruction of the town by an impending Viking attack. Struggling to do so, they kept jumping back in time and altering events, with each change causing new problems. Eventually, time began to unreel, so the sisters knew they had one chance to affect events before they used their powers to fix it. They sought the help of a future historian, Chi, and the timeline was restored to its original state.

In this timeline, the Vikings, lead by Olaf, attacked on 10 August, defeating the defending army, killing their leader Burtnoth, Earl of Northumbria. (AUDIO: The Battle)

In 2020, Yasmin Khan called her sister from a telephone box south-west of Maldon in order to lure VOR forces to her location. (TV: Spyfall)

References Edit

Snorri later recalled his people having fought brave Anglians at Maldon. (PROSE: Second Contact)

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