Senior Guard Maldak 239 was a member of the Officer Guard on Varos.

He kept guard over Jondar during his execution. When the TARDIS materialised, he thought it was the Punishment Dome playing tricks on his mind. However, when the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown exited, they knocked Maldak out and escaped with Jondar.

He was present at the Doctor and Jondar's "hanging", and was later forced by the Doctor to take him and Jondar to the transmogrifier room where Peri and Areta were being held captive.

He later kept guard over the Governor and Peri during the Governor's final vote. The Governor tried to persuade Maldak to let them go, but he refused. However, when the Governor began to be killed by the human cell disintegrator, Maldak had a change of heart and destroyed the disintegrator. He then led the Governor and Peri through the air ducting to where the Doctor, Jondar and Areta were.

He was present when the Doctor and the Governor confronted Sil, and he later arranged for the Doctor to be given some Zeiton-7 for the TARDIS. (TV: Vengeance on Varos)

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