Malcolm Kohll wrote the Doctor Who serial Delta and the Bannermen and its novelisation.

In a talk with script editor Andrew Cartmel, Kohll's impression of Doctor Who before writing for the show was "very strange" due to him being brought up in Rhodesia and therefore "foreign in many ways: British, science-fiction, scary, strange". (DWM 473)

He enjoyed his fellow writers' work for the Sylvester McCoy era, finding them "well-crafted, well-made pieces that have stood the test of time". (DWM 473)

Kohll described the 2005 revival of Doctor Who "a fantastic reinvention of the format", "[c]ontemporary, fresh, edgy" and "a great success but definitely in the tradition of the original [series]" where "the storylines [weren't] let down by cheap production values". He believed that head writer and executive producer Russell T Davies, along with his successor Steven Moffat, "were able to do the thing which the original Doctor Who did, which was to tap into the contemporary zeitgeist and give the character a new meaning for a new generation" and in doing so, "they took all the best bits of the original idea, gave it a twist, polished and added a contemporary spin and made it relevant". (DWM 473)

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