Malcolm Hulke (21 November 1924-6 July 1979[1]) was the author of many Doctor Who scripts and Target Books novelisations.

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Hulke began his association with Doctor Who as early as Season 1, for which he contributed the storyline for The Hidden Planet (a.k.a. Beyond the Sun), a serial which ultimately did not get accepted. Along with Terrance Dicks, in The War Games, he co-created the concept of the Time Lords and offered viewers their first glimpse of Gallifrey. He also created the reptilian Silurians, their cousins the Sea Devils, and the Draconians. For Target Books, he wrote novelisations of every story he had written solo, and several he had worked on with other writers. He also wrote a Doctor Who radio series starring Peter Cushing which was recorded but never broadcast.

Hulke wrote scripts for a variety of TV shows including: Pathfinders in Space, Pathfinders to Venus, Pathfinders to Mars, The Avengers, The Protectors, Danger Man, Crossroads, United! and Gideon's Way.

He is noted for fleshing out minor characters in novelisations, writing shades of grey, and a strong interest in left-wing politics. Alan Barnes noted in the On Target: Malcolm Hulke documentary included on The War Games DVD that you can "see a political subtext in everything he wrote".

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