A make-up assistant helps the make-up department by:

  • Supplying brushes and products to the make-up artists;
  • Helping to fix prosthetics;
  • Washing performers' hair, preparing scalp;
  • Preparing performers' skin before anything is applied;
  • Helping to alter, repair and dress wigs and hair pieces;
  • Running errands, in general, for the department.[1]

Make-up assistants can be distinguished from junior make-up artists, who do more hair and make-up work themselves, and from make-up trainees, who do a lot more running work.

Beryl Sanderson was an uncredited make-up assistant on An Unearthly Child.[2]

Since the series reboot, the only credited make-up assistants have been on Torchwood. For example, for Combat and Out of Time the credited make-up assistants included Sarah Astley-Hughes and Kate Roberts.


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