Corporal Maisy Hawke served as UNIT's chief radio operator in the 1970s.

She was engaged to Sam Hawkins, before he was killed in Wenley Moor. She operated a radio in Smallmarshes to keep in contact with Sergeant Benton at UNIT HQ. (PROSE: The Scales of Injustice)

She oversaw radio reports from Geneva about the escalation of war. She later relayed a message from Captain Yates about something strange going on at Auderly House. (TV: Day of the Daleks)

Masie Hawke attended the UNIT reunion in 1983. (PROSE: Business Unusual)

Behind the scenes Edit

Hawke's name and rank was not given on-screen, only in the novel The Scales of Injustice. Her on-screen credit was "UNIT Radio Operator".

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