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The Main Range, previously called the Monthly Range and also known as The Monthly Adventures, was a Doctor Who audio series produced by Big Finish Productions. It featured stories from the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors. For a period of time, it also featured the Eighth Doctor, but he later went to his own series of stories, beginning with Eighth Doctor Adventures.

1963: Fanfare for the Common Men, one of the three stories released in 2013 to celebrate Doctor Who's 50th birthday.

Stories in this range were typically narratively independent from each other, though sometimes Big Finish would make stories part of trilogies (or tie-in to other series, such as Dalek Empire and Cyberman) or larger story arcs. One such example was 1963, a trilogy of stories set in the year 1963 that were released during 2013, to celebrate Doctor Who's 50th anniversary.

The series began with The Sirens of Time, a multi-Doctor story featuring the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors. Following this, Big Finish would produce stories with all the Doctor's television companions from their eras, as well as introducing some original companions for their audios.

After almost two years, Storm Warning, the first story featuring the Eighth Doctor, was released in the Main Range, also introducing Charlotte Pollard, who would later join the Sixth Doctor at the end of The Girl Who Never Was and later spin-off into her own series.

Iron Bright, the first Main Range story to use the 2018 version of the Doctor Who logo on its cover.

From The Sirens of Time to The Lure of the Nomad, all releases used the 1996 variation of the Doctor Who logo. Starting with Iron Bright, the series' 239th release, the version of the logo introduced in 2018 started being used. This marked the first instance of Big Finish using the "current" Doctor Who logo since the show's revival in 2005.

The Main Range also introduced Abby and Zara, two tracers in human form. Abby helped the Fifth Doctor reassemble the Key to Time. Later, Abby and Zara gained their own spin-off, Graceless.

Vienna Salvatori was also introduced in this range and later given her own series, although it is not considered a valid source on this Wiki.

Adric, Nyssa, Tegan Jovanka, Turlough, Kamelion, Peri Brown, Melanie Bush and Ace, companions from the television series, all returned for many new adventures with their Doctors. New companions which were introduced in this range included Thomas Brewster, Marcipor, Erimem, Evelyn Smythe, Flip Jackson, Constance Clarke, Bev Tarrant, Hex, Elizabeth Klein, Liv Chenka, Sally Morgan, Lysandra Aristedes, Will Arrowsmith, C'rizz and Mary Shelley.

The Main Range also saw the appearance of Frobisher, Maxwell Edison and Izzy Sinclair, companions introduced in Doctor Who Magazine comic stories, as well as Bernice Summerfield, who first appeared in Virgin New Adventures novels and Fitz Kreiner, who was introduced in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures. Many characters from the television series, including several companions of the previous Doctors, also appeared in various stories.

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