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The Main Range, also known as The Monthly Adventures[note 1] and the Monthly Range, was a Doctor Who audio series produced by Big Finish Productions. It was their earliest range to make use of the Doctor Who license, and remained their only consistent output until 2021, when the series ended.

The series began in 1999 with The Sirens of Time, a multi-Doctor story featuring the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Doctors. It also featured the Eighth Doctor from Storm Warning in 2001 until 2012, when he moved to his own series of audios, The Eighth Doctor Adventures.

Stories in this range were typically narratively independent from each other, though sometimes Big Finish made stories part of trilogies, larger story arcs, or tie-ins to their other ranges, like Dalek Empire and Cyberman. One example of such a set was 1963, a trilogy of stories set in the year 1963 and released in 2013 to celebrate Doctor Who's 50th anniversary.

The Main Range included stories with all of the Doctors' television companions, including Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Kamelion, Peri Brown, Melanie Bush, and Ace, as well as their companions from non-televised media, such as Frobisher, Maxwell Edison, and Izzy Sinclair from Doctor Who Magazine comic stories, Bernice Summerfield from Virgin Books' New Adventures novels, and Fitz Kreiner of BBC Books' Eighth Doctor Adventures. Many other characters from the television series, including several companions of non-featured Doctors, also appeared in various stories, in particular during the "Locum Doctors" trilogy, which paired featured Doctors with First, Second and Third Doctor companions.

Big Finish also created a number of original companions for the Main Range. These included Thomas Brewster, Marcipor, Erimem, Evelyn Smythe, Flip Jackson, Constance Clarke, Bev Tarrant, Hex, Elizabeth Klein, Liv Chenka, Sally Morgan, Lysandra Aristedes, Will Arrowsmith, C'rizz, and Mary Shelley. Some of these characters received their own audio spinoffs: Charlotte Pollard, which featured Charlotte Pollard, having parted ways with the Eighth Doctor, Graceless, which featured Abby and Zara, and Vienna, which featured Vienna Salvatori.

The series ended in 2021 with the 275th release, The End of the Beginning, a multi-Doctor adventure which saw the return of the Eighth Doctor, who had branched off into his own series almost a decade earlier, alongside his first and most enduring companion from the Main Range, Charlotte Pollard. This story was very much in the tone of their earliest releases, but featured returning characters from more recent adventures, such as Calypso Jonze, to celebrate this range's long history.

After The Monthly Adventures, several plot lines were continued in each Doctor's respective ranges. For example, Marc's continued travels with the Fifth Doctor, and the conclusion to his story, were released as part of The Fifth Doctor Adventures.


Iron Bright, the first Main Range story to use the 2018 version of the Doctor Who logo on its cover.

From The Sirens of Time to The Lure of the Nomad, all releases used the 1996 variation of the Doctor Who logo. Starting with Iron Bright, the series' 239th release, the version of the logo introduced in 2018 started being used. This marked the first instance of Big Finish using the "current" Doctor Who logo since the show's revival in 2005. It was also applied to all their other ranges, including past releases in many cases.


# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 The Sirens of Time Nicholas Briggs 5th, 6th, 7th Time Lords 19 July 1999
2 Phantasmagoria Mark Gatiss 5th Turlough 4 October 1999
3 Whispers of Terror Justin Richards 6th Peri November 1999
4 The Land of the Dead Stephen Cole 5th Nyssa January 2000
5 The Fearmonger Jonathan Blum 7th Ace 4 February 2000
6 The Marian Conspiracy Jacqueline Rayner 6th Evelyn 12 March 2000
7 The Genocide Machine
(Dalek Empire part one)
Mike Tucker 7th Ace, Bev, Daleks April 2000
8 Red Dawn Justin Richards 5th Peri, Ice Warriors 4 May 2000
9 The Spectre of Lanyon Moor Nicholas Pegg 6th Evelyn, the Brigadier June 2000
10 Winter for the Adept Andrew Cartmel 5th Nyssa July 2000
11 The Apocalypse Element
(Dalek Empire part two)
Stephen Cole 6th Evelyn, Romana II, Time Lords, Daleks 7 August 2000
12 The Fires of Vulcan Steve Lyons 7th Mel 18 September 2000
13 The Shadow of the Scourge
(Side Step)
Paul Cornell Ace, Bernice October 2000
14 The Holy Terror
(Side Step)
Robert Shearman 6th Frobisher November 2000
15 The Mutant Phase
(Dalek Empire part three)
Nicholas Briggs 5th Nyssa, Thals, Daleks 18 December 2000
16 Storm Warning Alan Barnes 8th Charley 22 January 2001
17 Sword of Orion Nicholas Briggs Charley, Cybermen 26 February 2001
18 The Stones of Venice Paul Magrs Charley 19 March 2001
19 Minuet in Hell Alan W. Lear and Gary Russell Charley, the Brigadier 23 April 2001
20 Loups-Garoux Marc Platt 5th Turlough 21 May 2001
21 Dust Breeding Mike Tucker 7th Ace, Bev, The Decayed Master 18 June 2001
22 Bloodtide Jonathan Morris 6th Evelyn, Silurians 23 July 2001
23 Project: Twilight Cavan Scott and Mark Wright Evelyn, Nimrod, the Forge 20 August 2001
24 The Eye of the Scorpion Iain McLaughlin 5th Peri, Erimem 17 September 2001
25 Colditz Steve Lyons 7th Ace, Klein 22 October 2001
26 Primeval Lance Parkin 5th Nyssa, Trakenites 23 November 2001
27 The One Doctor Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman 6th Mel 17 December 2001
28 Invaders from Mars Mark Gatiss 8th Charley 28 January 2002
29 The Chimes of Midnight Robert Shearman 25 February 2002
30 Seasons of Fear Paul Cornell and Caroline Symcox Charley, Nimon 25 March 2002
31 Embrace the Darkness Nicholas Briggs Charley 29 April 2002
32 The Time of the Daleks
(Dalek Empire part four)
Justin Richards Charley, Daleks 21 May 2002
33 Neverland Alan Barnes Charley, Romana II, Rassilon, Time Lords June 2002
34 Spare Parts Marc Platt 5th Nyssa, Cybermen 31 July 2002
35 ...ish Phil Pascoe 6th Peri 29 August 2002
36 The Rapture Joseph Lidster 7th Ace 26 September 2002
37 The Sandman Simon A. Forward 6th Evelyn, the Galyari 24 October 2002
38 The Church and the Crown Cavan Scott and Mark Wright 5th Peri, Erimem 28 November 2002
39 Bang-Bang-a-Boom! Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman 7th Mel 19 December 2002
40 Jubilee Robert Shearman 6th Evelyn, Daleks January 2003
41 Nekromanteia Austen Atkinson 5th Peri, Erimem February 2003
42 The Dark Flame
(Side Step)
Trevor Baxendale 7th Ace, Bernice 28 March 2003
43 Doctor Who and the Pirates Jacqueline Rayner 6th Evelyn April 2003
44 Creatures of Beauty Nicholas Briggs 5th Nyssa May 2003
45 Project: Lazarus Cavan Scott and Mark Wright 6th, 7th Evelyn, Nimrod, the Forge 23 June 2003
46 Flip-Flop Jonathan Morris 7th Mel July 2003
47 Omega
(Classic Villains Trilogy part one)
Nev Fountain 5th Omega 27 August 2003
48 Davros
(Classic Villains Trilogy part two)
Lance Parkin 6th Davros 19 September 2003
49 Master
(Classic Villains Trilogy part three)
Joseph Lidster 7th The Master, Death 31 October 2003
50 Zagreus Gary Russell and Alan Barnes 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Charley, Romana II, Leela, K9, Rassilon, Brax 21 November 2003
51 The Wormery Stephen Cole and Paul Magrs 6th Iris Wildthyme, Seventh Doctor November 2003
52 Scherzo Robert Shearman 8th Charley 14 December 2003
53 The Creed of the Kromon Philip Martin Charley, C'rizz, Kro'ka 20 January 2004
54 The Natural History of Fear Jim Mortimore Charley, C'rizz February 2004
55 The Twilight Kingdom Will Shindler Charley, C'rizz, Kro'ka 11 March 2004
56 The Axis of Insanity Simon Furman 5th Peri, Erimem April 2004
57 Arrangements for War Paul Sutton 6th Evelyn, Rossiter May 2004
58 The Harvest Dan Abnett 7th Ace, Hex, Cybermen 26 June 2004
59 The Roof of the World Adrian Rigelsford 5th Peri, Erimem, Great Old Ones July 2004
60 Medicinal Purposes Robert Ross 6th Evelyn, Knox August 2004
61 Faith Stealer Graham Duff 8th Charley, C'rizz, Kro'ka September 2004
62 The Last Gary Hopkins 18 October 2004
63 Caerdroia Lloyd Rose 10 November 2004
64 The Next Life Alan Barnes and Gary Russell Charley, C'rizz, Rassilon, Kro'ka December 2004
65 The Juggernauts Scott Alan Woodard 6th Mel, Daleks, Davros, Mechanoids 15 January 2005
66 The Game Darin Henry 5th Nyssa February 2005
67 Dreamtime Simon A. Forward 7th Ace, Hex, the Galyari March 2005
68 Catch-1782 Alison Lawson 6th Mel April 2005
69 Three's a Crowd Colin Brake 5th Peri, Erimem May 2005
70 Unregenerate! David A. McIntee 7th Mel, Time Lords June 2005
71 The Council of Nicaea Caroline Symcox 5th Peri, Erimem July 2005
72 Terror Firma Joseph Lidster 8th Charley, C'rizz, Daleks, Davros August 2005
73 Thicker Than Water Paul Sutton 6th Mel, Evelyn, Rossiter, Seventh Doctor 25 September 2005
74 LIVE 34 James Parsons and Andrew Stirling-Brown 7th Ace, Hex
75 Scaredy Cat Will Shindler 8th Charley, C'rizz October 2005
76 Singularity James Swallow 5th Turlough November 2005
77 Other Lives Gary Hopkins 8th Charley, C'rizz 13 December 2005
78 Pier Pressure Robert Ross 6th Evelyn, Indo 11 January 2006
79 Night Thoughts Edward Young 7th Ace, Hex February 2006
80 Time Works Steve Lyons 8th Charley, C'rizz 15 March 2006
81 The Kingmaker Nev Fountain 5th Peri, Erimem, Fourth Doctor April 2006
82 The Settling Simon Guerrier 7th Ace, Hex May 2006
83 Something Inside Trevor Baxendale 8th Charley, C'rizz June 2006
84 The Nowhere Place Nicholas Briggs 6th Evelyn July 2006
85 Red Stewart Sheargold 7th Mel 28 August 2006
86 The Reaping Joseph Lidster 6th Peri, Cybermen 18 September 2006
87 The Gathering 5th Tegan, Cybermen, the Forge
88 Memory Lane Eddie Robson 8th Charley, C'rizz October 2006
89 No Man's Land Martin Day 7th Ace, Hex, the Forge November 2006
90 Year of the Pig Matthew Sweet 6th Peri 18 December 2006
91 Circular Time 5th Nyssa 20 January 2007
Spring Mike Maddox and Paul Cornell
Autumn Paul Cornell
Winter Nyssa, Kamelion
92 Nocturne Dan Abnett 7th Ace, Hex February 2007
93 Renaissance of the Daleks Christopher H. Bidmead 5th Nyssa, Daleks March 2007
94 I.D. Eddie Robson 6th April 2007
Urgent Calls
95 Exotron Paul Sutton 5th Peri May 2007
Urban Myths
96 Valhalla Marc Platt 7th June 2007
97 The Wishing Beast Paul Magrs 6th Mel July 2007
The Vanity Box
98 Frozen Time Nicholas Briggs 7th Ice Warriors August 2007
99 Son of the Dragon Steve Lyons 5th Peri, Erimem 6 September 2007
100 100 6th Evelyn 26 September 2007
100 BC Jacqueline Rayner
My Own Private Wolfgang Robert Shearman
Bedtime Story Joseph Lidster
The 100 Days of the Doctor Paul Cornell
101 Absolution Scott Alan Woodard 8th Charley, C'rizz October 2007
102 The Mind's Eye Colin Brake 5th Peri, Erimem 9 November 2007
Mission of the Viyrans Nicholas Briggs Peri, Viyrans
103 The Girl Who Never Was Alan Barnes 8th Charley, Cybermen 3 December 2007
104 The Bride of Peladon Barnaby Edwards 5th Peri, Erimem, Peladonians, Ice Warriors January 2008
105 The Condemned Eddie Robson 6th Charley, DI Menzies February 2008
106 The Dark Husband David Quantick 7th Ace, Hex March 2008
107 The Haunting of Thomas Brewster Jonathan Morris 5th Nyssa, Brewster 30 April 2008
108 Assassin in the Limelight Robert Ross 6th Evelyn, Knox, Indo May 2008
109 The Death Collectors Stewart Sheargold 7th Dar Traders June 2008
Spider's Shadow Nicholas Briggs
110 The Boy That Time Forgot Paul Magrs 5th Nyssa, Adric 30 July 2008
111 The Doomwood Curse Jacqueline Rayner 6th Charley August 2008
112 Kingdom of Silver James Swallow 7th Cybermen 15 September 2008
113 Time Reef Marc Platt 5th Nyssa, Brewster September 2008
A Perfect World Jonathan Morris
114 Brotherhood of the Daleks Alan Barnes 6th Charley, Thals, Daleks October 2008
115 Forty-Five 7th Ace, Hex November 2008
False Gods Mark Morris
Order of Simplicity Nick Scovell
Casualties of War Mark Michalowski Ace, Hex, the Forge
The Word Lord Steven Hall Ace, Hex, Nobody No-One
116 The Raincloud Man Eddie Robson 6th Charley, DI Menzies 11 December 2008
117 The Judgement of Isskar
(The Key 2 Time part one)
Simon Guerrier 5th Amy, Zara, Ice Warriors 22 January 2009
118 The Destroyer of Delights
(The Key 2 Time part two)
Jonathan Clements Amy, Black Guardian, White Guardian 14 February 2009
119 The Chaos Pool
(The Key 2 Time part three)
Peter Anghelides Amy, Zara, Romana II, Black Guardian, White Guardian March 2009
120 The Magic Mousetrap Matthew Sweet 7th Ace, Hex, Celestial Toymaker April 2009
121 Enemy of the Daleks David Bishop Ace, Hex, Daleks May 2009
122 The Angel of Scutari Paul Sutton Ace, Hex June 2009
123 The Company of Friends 8th 28 July 2009
Benny's Story Lance Parkin Bernice
Fitz's Story Stephen Cole Fitz
Izzy's Story Alan Barnes Izzy
Mary's Story Jonathan Morris Mary Shelley
124 Patient Zero Nicholas Briggs 6th Charley, Daleks, Viyrans 22 August 2009
125 Paper Cuts Marc Platt Mila, Draconians 25 September 2009
126 Blue Forgotten Planet Nicholas Briggs Mila, Charley, Viyrans
127 Castle of Fear Alan Barnes 5th Nyssa, Rutans 16 October 2009
128 The Eternal Summer Jonathan Morris Nyssa, Maxwell Edison 11 November 2009
129 Plague of the Daleks Mark Morris Nyssa, Daleks 8 December 2009
130 A Thousand Tiny Wings Andy Lane 7th Klein 21 January 2010
131 Klein's Story John Ainsworth and Lee Mansfield 18 February 2010
Survival of the Fittest Jonathan Clements
132 The Architects of History Steve Lyons Klein, Selachians 10 March 2010
133 City of Spires Simon Bovey 6th "Jamie" 30 April 2010
134 The Wreck of the Titan Barnaby Edwards 31 May 2010
135 Legend of the Cybermen Mike Maddox "Jamie", Zoe, Cybermen 30 June 2010
136 Cobwebs Jonathan Morris 5th Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough 15 July 2010
137 The Whispering Forest Stephen Cole 13 August 2010
138 The Cradle of the Snake Marc Platt Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Mara 13 September 2010
139 Project: Destiny Cavan Scott and Mark Wright 7th Ace, Hex, Nimrod, the Forge
140 A Death in the Family Steven Hall Ace, Hex, Evelyn, Nobody No-One, the Forge 13 October 2010
141 Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge Marty Ross Ace, Hex 15 November 2010
142 The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories 5th Nyssa 15 December 2010
The Demons of Red Lodge Jason Arnopp
The Entropy Composition Rick Briggs
Doing Time William Gallagher
Special Features John Dorney
143 The Crimes of Thomas Brewster Jonathan Morris 6th Evelyn, Brewster, Flip, DI Menzies January 2011
144 The Feast of Axos Mike Maddox Evelyn, Brewster, Axons February 2011
145 Industrial Evolution Eddie Robson Evelyn, Brewster

March 2011

146 Heroes of Sontar Alan Barnes 5th Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Sontarans 14 April 2011
147 Kiss of Death Stephen Cole Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough 19 May 2011
148 Rat Trap Tony Lee June 2011
149 Robophobia Nicholas Briggs 7th Liv, Kaldor androids 15 July 2011
150 Recorded Time and Other Stories 6th Peri 9 August 2011
Recorded Time Catherine Harvey
Paradoxicide Richard Dinnick
A Most Excellent Match Matt Fitton
Question Marks Philip Lawrence
151 The Doomsday Quatrain Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie 7th 13 September 2011
152 House of Blue Fire Mark Morris Sally
153 The Silver Turk Marc Platt 8th Mary Shelley, Cybermen 15 October 2011
154 The Witch from the Well Rick Briggs Mary Shelley 8 November 2011
155 Army of Death Jason Arnopp 12 December 2011
156 The Curse of Davros Jonathan Morris 6th Flip, Davros, Daleks January 2012
157 The Fourth Wall John Dorney Flip 10 February 2012
158 Wirrn Isle William Gallagher Flip, Wirrn March 2012
159 The Emerald Tiger Barnaby Edwards 5th Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough 17 April 2012
160 The Jupiter Conjunction Eddie Robson May 2012
161 The Butcher of Brisbane Marc Platt Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Magnus Greel, Mr Sin June 2012
162 Protect and Survive Jonathan Morris 7th Ace, Hex 23 July 2012
163 Black and White Matt Fitton Ace, Hex, Sally, Lysandra, Garundel, the Forge 16 August 2012
164 Gods and Monsters Mike Maddox and Alan Barnes Ace, Hex, Sally, Lysandra, Fenric, the Forge 19 September 2012
165 The Burning Prince John Dorney 5th Kylo Sorsha
166 The Acheron Pulse Rick Briggs 6th 25 October 2012
167 The Shadow Heart Jonathan Morris 7th Kylo Sorsha, Vienna 10 November 2012
168 1001 Nights 5th Nyssa 12 December 2012
1001 Nights Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie
My Brother's Keeper
The Interplanetarian Jonathan Barnes
Smuggling Tales Catherine Harvey
169 The Wrong Doctors Matt Fitton 6th Mel 14 January 2013
170 Spaceport Fear William Gallagher 11 February 2013
171 The Seeds of War Matt Fitton and Nicholas Briggs Mel, the Eminence, Infinite warriors 7 March 2013
172 Eldrad Must Die! Marc Platt 5th Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Eldrad 10 April 2013
173 The Lady of Mercia Paul Magrs Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough 8 May 2013
174 Prisoners of Fate Jonathan Morris 11 June 2013
175 Persuasion Jonathan Barnes 7th Klein, Will 10 July 2013
176 Starlight Robbery Matt Fitton Klein, Will, Sontarans, Garundel August 2013
177 Daleks Among Us Alan Barnes Klein, Will, Davros, Daleks 11 September 2013
178 1963: Fanfare for the Common Men Eddie Robson 5th Nyssa
179 1963: The Space Race Jonathan Morris 6th Peri 29 October 2013
180 1963: The Assassination Games John Dorney 7th Ace, Counter-Measures 15 November 2013
181 Afterlife Matt Fitton Ace, Hex, Sally 17 December 2013
182 Antidote to Oblivion Philip Martin 6th Flip, Sil 14 January 2014
183 The Brood of Erys Andrew Smith Flip 14 February 2014
184 Scavenger William Gallagher 14 March 2014
185 Moonflesh Mark Morris 5th Nyssa, Hannah 11 April 2014
186 Tomb Ship Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby 14 May 2014
187 Masquerade Stephen Cole 18 June 2014
188 Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories 6th Peri 11 July 2014
Breaking Bubbles Lizbeth Myles
Of Chaos Time The Mark Ravenhill
An Eye For Murder Una McCormack
The Curious Incident of the Doctor in the Night-Time Nev Fountain
189 Revenge of the Swarm Jonathan Morris 7th Ace, Hector 15 August 2014
190 Mask of Tragedy James Goss 12 September 2014
191 Signs and Wonders Matt Fitton Ace, Hector, Sally
192 The Widow's Assassin Nev Fountain 6th Peri 31 October 2014
193 Masters of Earth Mark Wright and Cavan Scott Peri, Daleks 11 November 2014
194 The Rani Elite Justin Richards Peri, Second Rani 17 December 2014
195 Mistfall Andrew Smith 5th Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Marshmen 14 January 2015
196 Equilibrium Matt Fitton Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough 12 February 2015
197 The Entropy Plague Jonathan Morris 12 March 2015
198 The Defectors Nicholas Briggs 7th Jo, Yates, the Forge 15 April 2015
199 Last of the Cybermen Alan Barnes 6th Jamie, Zoe, Cybermen 20 May 2015
200 The Secret History Eddie Robson 5th Steven, Vicki, the Monk 17 June 2015
201 We Are The Daleks Jonathan Morris 7th Mel, Daleks 9 July 2015
202 The Warehouse Mike Tucker Mel 12 August 2015
203 Terror of the Sontarans John Dorney and Dan Starkey Mel, Sontarans 14 September 2015
204 Criss-Cross Matt Fitton 6th Constance 15 September 2015
205 Planet of the Rani Marc Platt Constance, Second Rani 14 October


206 Shield of the Jötunn Ian Edginton Constance 16 November 2015
207 You Are the Doctor and Other Stories 7th Ace 16 December 2015
You Are the Doctor John Dorney
Come Die With Me Jamie Anderson
The Grand Betelgeuse Hotel Christopher Cooper
Dead to the World Matthew Elliott
208 The Waters of Amsterdam Jonathan Morris 5th Tegan, Nyssa 11 January 2016
209 Aquitaine Simon Barnard and Paul Morris 17 February 2016
210 The Peterloo Massacre Paul Magrs 15 March 2016
211 And You Will Obey Me
(Two Masters Trilogy part one)
Alan Barnes 5th The Master 12 April 2016
212 Vampire of the Mind
(Two Masters Trilogy part two)
Justin Richards 6th 9 May 2016
213 The Two Masters
(Two Masters Trilogy part three)
John Dorney 7th The Old Master, The New Master 13 June 2016
214 A Life of Crime Matt Fitton Ace, Mel 12 July 2016
215 Fiesta of the Damned Guy Adams 9 August 2016
216 Maker of Demons Matthew Elliott 13 September 2016
217 The Memory Bank and Other Stories 5th Turlough 12 October 2016
The Memory Bank Chris Chapman
The Last Fairy Tale Paul Magrs
Repeat Offender Eddie Robson
The Becoming Ian Potter
218 Order of the Daleks Mike Tucker 6th Constance, Daleks 9 November 2016
219 Absolute Power Jamie Anderson Constance 13 December 2016
220 Quicksilver Matt Fitton Constance, Flip
221 The Star Men Andrew Smith 5th Adric, Nyssa, Tegan 10 January 2017
222 The Contingency Club Phil Mulryne 14 February 2017
223 Zaltys Matthew Elliott 21 March 2017
224 Alien Heart Stephen Cole Nyssa, Daleks 19 April 2017
Dalek Soul Guy Adams
225 Vortex Ice Jonathan Morris 6th Flip 16 May 2017
Cortex Fire Ian Potter
226 Shadow Planet AK Benedict 7th Ace, Hex 13 June 2017
World Apart Scott Handcock
227 The High Price of Parking John Dorney Ace, Mel 11 July 2017
228 The Blood Furnace Eddie Robson 15 August 2017
229 The Silurian Candidate Matthew Elliott Ace, Mel, Silurians 12 September 2017
230 Time in Office Eddie Robson 5th Tegan, Leela, Time Lords
231 The Behemoth Marc Platt 6th Constance, Flip 11 October 2017
232 The Middle Chris Chapman 15 November 2017
233 Static Jonathan Morris 12 December 2017
234 Kingdom of Lies Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky 5th Adric, Nyssa, Tegan 17 January 2018
235 Ghost Walk James Goss 13 February 2018
236 Serpent in the Silver Mask David Llewellyn 20 March 2018
237 The Helliax Rift Scott Handcock Daniel Hopkins, UNIT 17 April 2018
238 The Lure of the Nomad Matthew Elliott 6th Mathew 15 May 2018
239 Iron Bright Chris Chapman Isambard Kingdom Brunel 19 June 2018
240 Hour of the Cybermen Andrew Smith Daniel Hopkins, UNIT, Cybermen 12 July 2018
241 Red Planets Una McCormack 7th Ace, Mel 14 August 2018
242 The Dispossessed Mark Morris 11 September 2018
243 The Quantum Possibility Engine Guy Adams 16 October 2018
244 Warlock's Cross Steve Lyons Elizabeth Klein, Daniel Hopkins, UNIT 13 November 2018
245 Muse of Fire Paul Magrs Ace, Hex, Iris Wildthyme, Panda 11 December 2018
246 The Hunting Ground AK Benedict 6th
247 Devil in the Mist Cavan Scott 5th Turlough, Tegan, Kamelion 15 January 2019
248 Black Thursday Jamie Anderson 12 February 2019
Power Game Eddie Robson
249 The Kamelion Empire Jonathan Morris 12 March 2019
250 The Monsters of Gokroth Matt Fitton 7th Mags 17 April 2019
251 The Moons of Vulpana Emma Reeves 7 May 2019
252 An Alien Werewolf in London Alan Barnes Mags, Ace 11 June 2019
253 Memories of a Tyrant Roland Moore 6th Peri 11 July 2019
254 Emissary of the Daleks Andrew Smith Peri, Daleks 14 August 2019
255 Harry Houdini's War Steve Lyons Peri, Houdini 17 September 2019
256 Tartarus David Llewellyn 5th Nyssa, Tegan, Marc
257 Interstitial Carl Rowens 15 October 2019
Feast of Fear Martyn Waites
258 Warzone Chris Chapman 12 November 2019
Conversion Guy Adams Nyssa, Tegan, Marc, Cybermen
259 Blood on Santa's Claw and Other Stories 6th Peri, Joe 10 December 2019
Blood on Santa's Claw Alan Terigo
The Baby Awakes Susan Dennom
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day Andrew Lias
Brightly Shone The Moon That Night Nev Fountain
260 Dark Universe Guy Adams 7th Ace, the Eleven, Ollistra, Rasmus 21 January 2020
261 The Psychic Circus Stephen Wyatt Chief clown, Kingpin, The Master, Morgana, Gods of Ragnarok 11 February 2020
262 Subterfuge Helen Goldwyn Churchill, The Monk 17 March 2020
263 Cry of the Vultriss Darren Jones 6th Flip, Constance, Ice Warriors 15 April 2020
264 Scorched Earth Chris Chapman Flip, Constance 13 May 2020
265 The Lovecraft Invasion Robert Valentine Flip, Constance, Calypso Jonze, H. P. Lovecraft 30 July 2020
266 Time Apart 5th 31 July 2020
Ghost Station Steve Lyons
The Bridge Master Jacqueline Rayner
What Lurks Down Under Tommy Donbavand
The Dancing Plague Kate Thorman
267 Thin Time Dan Abnett Eleventh Doctor 12 August 2020
Madquake Guy Adams Nyssa, Tegan, Marc, Slitheen
268 The Flying Dutchman Gemma Arrowsmith 7th Ace, Hex 8 September 2020
Displaced Katharine Armitage
269 Shadow of the Daleks 1 5th Daleks 13 October 2020
Aimed at the Body James Kettle
Lightspeed Jonathan Morris
The Bookshop at the End of the World Simon Guerrier
Interlude Dan Starkey Daleks
270 Shadow of the Daleks 2 10 November 2020
Echo Chamber Jonathan Barnes
Towards Zero Roland Moore
Castle Hydra Lizzie Hopley
Effect and Cause John Dorney Daleks
271 Plight of the Pimpernel Chris Chapman 6th Peri 8 December 2020
272 The Grey Man of the Mountain Lizbeth Myles 7th Ace, the Brigadier
273 Colony of Fear Roland Moore 6th Constance 19 January 2021
274 The Blazing Hour James Kettle 5th Turlough 9 February 2021
275 The End of the Beginning Robert Valentine 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Turlough, Constance, Charley, Calypso Jonze 16 March 2021

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  1. The Main Range was re-branded near the end of its production history. All previous releases are now available on the Big Finish website under The Monthly Adventures, the new brand for this range from the late 2010s. Indeed, from 2021 onwards, this would no longer be "the main range" for Big Finish.