Tutor Magrantine was a Kaled scientist and teacher.

Magrantine firmly believed that a true scientist should keep his emotions and his work separate. He had a son who wanted to become a scientist, but lacked the necessary intelligence and joined the Military Corps instead, where he was ultimately executed by Colonel Nasgard for a display of cowardice. Magrantine was devastated by his son's death and vowed revenge on the Colonel and his family. He was hired by Lady Calcula to teach her son Davros whatever he was interested in learning. At first, Davros did not want a tutor and found Magrantine to be irritating, but became fascinated by the scientist's experiments of the effects of radiation on live animals.

When Thals attacked the education complex, Magratine led Davros outside the city, pulled a gun on him and threatened to kill him, explaining his reasons for doing so. Davros talked him out of murder by pointing out that he would no longer be a true scientist if he gave in to his emotions. Upon returning to the lab, Davros and Magratine experimented on Kaleds who were injured in the Thal attack and near death. Later, Davros locked Magratine in his radiation chamber and turned it to full power, causing his tutor to mutate into a new, almost unrecognisable life form. (AUDIO: Innocence)

Magratine was dumped in the Wastelands outside the Kaled city by Lady Calcula's henchmen and left to die. Instead he was rescued by other Kaleds and Thals who had been exiled from their respective cities, and they lived as scavengers. Thirteen years later, he and his group attacked Davros and his team, who had fled into the wastelands following their mission's conclusion, but he was fatally injured. Before dying, he told Davros what had happened to him, and how much he hated his former student. (AUDIO: Purity)

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