Maggie Stables (died 26 September 2014[1]) was a voice actor for Big Finish Productions. She appeared in the spinoff audio dramas The Choice and Just War and the first Big Finish Doctor Who audio drama The Sirens of Time before being cast in the recurring role of Sixth Doctor companion Evelyn Smythe.

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Maggie Stables turned to acting as a second career after retiring from a longtime position as a French teacher. After some experience in musical theatre, she acted in a 1991 production of Jane Eyre with Nicholas Briggs. This led to Briggs casting Stables as Ruthley in The Sirens of Time and as Evelyn the following year. [2]

In 2013, Stables retired from acting due to long-term illness.[3] She passed away in her sleep on Friday 26 September 2014.[4]

A tribute to Stables, including excerpts from a 2003 interview she gave to Kenny Smith for his fanzine The Finished Product, was published in VOR 68.

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Caroline Morris and Maggie Stables

Stables with Caroline Morris at the 2003 PanoptiCon convention.

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