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Maggie Matsumoto was Irving Braxiatel's daughter and the Doctor's niece, created using a kit from Japan with only a bit of Braxiatel's DNA added in. The name Matsumoto was taken from the packaging. She was shorter than Bernice Summerfield, Japanese looking, and had shoulder-length blonde hair.

She was part of Bernice's expedition to the Empire State. She was curious as to why Rand wanted to blow up the planet. She spent a lot of time with Rand to get to know him. She was looking for the stone that was contained in the Empire State. (AUDIO: The Empire State)

She later came with Benny and Braxiatel to the Braxiatel Collection when the Mim and the Draconians were at war over it, pretending that her father was dead. When they tried to avoid the Mim, she found Anthony Rogers when the ship disappeared from reality, using the Deselby Tango effect. She surrendered herself to become the anchorite for the ship and save Benny and her father. (AUDIO: The Tub Full of Cats)

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