Maddy was one of the Rezzies living in Paradise Towers.

Maddy was a friend of Tabby and Tilda, who lived not far from her and whom she visited with news of recent Caretaker deaths. After Tilda and Tabby were killed, Maddy reported their deaths to the Caretakers and gave a statement to the Chief Caretaker. She promised to remain silent about the circumstances of their deaths in return for Tilda and Tabby's flat.

When the cleaners, under the orders of Kroagnon, began gassing each floor of Paradise Towers, Maddy led the Rezzies to Floor 304. She made an apology on their behalf for their cannibalism and allied them with the Seventh Doctor, Pex, the Kangs and the Caretakers before heading back down. There Maddy used tablecloths to trap cleaners while the Kangs destroyed them. Pex sacrificed himself to kill Kroagnon. Maddy attended his memorial service. (TV: Paradise Towers)

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