Maddock Way was the street on which Rose Tyler first met the Doctor, right at the end of his tenth incarnation. It was right outside Bucknall House at the Powell Estate.

Though Rose did not meet the Ninth Doctor properly for another few months, on 1 January 2005, she had a brief conversation with the Tenth Doctor as part of the Doctor's "final reward", on the side of the road, past Maddock Way Chemist.

The Doctor commented that she was "gonna have a great year", then returned to his TARDIS, parked on Maddock Way, to regenerate. (TV: The End of Time)

Behind the scenes Edit

Location information

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Though it's possible that a real world location doesn't exist in the same geographic space in the Doctor Who universe, such cases are few and far between. Thus, the map at right is probably a good indicator of the DWU location of Maddock Way.

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