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Madam, I'm was the fifty-second story in the Torchwood audio series by Big Finish Productions. It was written by James Goss.

Publisher's summary[]

Torchwood, Soho, the 1950s. Disgraced agent Norton Folgate has a new boyfriend, the very lovely Adam. Brilliant scientist Lizbeth Hayhoe meets a charming stranger on the underground, the very lovely Adam. Very soon, Torchwood has a new leader – the very lovely Adam.

With people losing their lives and their souls, Lizbeth and Norton must work out what's happening to Torchwood. And why is Torchwood preparing to go to war?


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  • This story uses the 1950s style Torchwood introduction music, introduced in Parasite. This is one of many examples of altered Torchwood intros used to indicate a different time setting, such as the Victorian theme and the retro theme.
  • Despite being released after Torchwood: Soho, this story takes place before that boxset and after Norton's attempted takeover of Torchwood in Goodbye Piccadilly.
  • This story was recorded remotely on 23 February 2021.


  • Until the arrival of Adam, Reginald Rigsby is currently leading Torchwood. (AUDIO: Parasite)
  • Reference is made to Torchwood India. (AUDIO: Golden Age)
  • Adam is able to his memory altering capabilities to change Rigsby's job title. When Adam escapes the Void again in the 2000s, he would use these powers to alter the memories to change the personalities and memories of the Torchwood Three team in much the same way. (TV: Adam)
  • Norton Folgate once again worries about the fog in London. (AUDIO: Parasite, The Creeping Death)
  • Upon defeating Adam, Norton once again tries to seize control of Torchwood by claiming that Adam stole his place at the head of the Institute. This is the second time Norton has tried such a bold takeover. (AUDIO: Goodbye Piccadilly)
  • Adam uses his powers against Lizbeth's sister to torture her. He takes the identity of her deceased son and later takes pleasure in using his powers to turn her life into a misery. He would later do something similar to Ianto Jones, making him believe that he was a rapist. (TV: Adam)

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