Mad Martha was one of a series of online comic strips posted to the BBC's Doctor Who website. The comic strips were created using an online tool called Comic Maker. The art consisted of images based upon the 2005-present Doctor Who revival. The BBC asked a number of professional Doctor Who writers to submit stories.

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Martha Jones finds herself in Scunthorpe with no memory of how she got there. She finds the Tenth Doctor, but he isn't acting friendly towards her. Scared, she flees and encounters Donna Noble, a person she doesn't know but who knows her. Martha discovers that she is not the real Martha Jones, but a duplicate created by one of the Doctor's enemies. She had been transported into the TARDIS. The Doctor reprogrammed her to believe she was the real Martha Jones. The Doctor and Donna leave the robot Martha on an inhabited planet.

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Notes Edit

  • This is the second consecutive story in the Writers' Comics series to feature a fake Martha.
  • The story doesn't specify which of the Doctor's enemies created the robot duplicate. Nor does it identify the planet the robot is left on.

Continuity Edit

  • Donna mentions liking Martha with her hair down; this, coupled with the fact she knows Martha, places this story after the events of TV: The Doctor's Daughter.
  • In TV: Partners in Crime, when Donna states that Martha is wrong for falling in love with The Doctor, she lists the ways Martha is wrong about loving him. One of these ways is "Mad Martha".

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