Ma Doras was the mother of Celia Doras and Anne Doras. She ran a boarding house in Guernsey.

Ma Doras first met the Seventh Doctor on 31 October 1913, when he saved the islands from an unspecified threat, but wasn't able to save her daughter Celia. (PROSE: Just War) She was also a cousin of John Lafayette. (AUDIO: Just War)

In December 1940, as a favour to the Doctor, Ma Doras allowed Bernice Summerfield to stay in her boarding house and assume Celia's identity. Ma was nearly sixty years old at the time. (PROSE: Just War)

In 1941, Ma Doras looked after Bernice when she arrived on Guernsey. She helped her after Benny murdered Gerhard Flur. (AUDIO: Just War)

Bernice remembered both of her visits to Guernsey. (PROSE: Paydirt, Dear Friend)

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