The Magnified Intensification of Telekinetic Reactive Energies Headset or MITRE headset, as the name said, when worn, amplified the power of telekinesis.

History Edit

The headset was studied by the Pharos Institute and used on Korst Gogg Thek Lutiven-Day Slitheen, who was disguised as a human genius named Nathan Goss. The Slitheen intended to use the headset to accumulate and store psychic energy, which they could then sell.

Telling her of the danger posed by the headset, Mr Smith tricked Sarah Jane into stealing the headset from the Pharos Institute so that he could later force Luke, who had great latent psychic power, to use the MITRE, to harness his telekinetic powers to make Earth collide with the Moon and free the many Xylok trapped in Earth's crust. (TV: The Lost Boy)

Sarah Jane Smith kept a MITRE headset inside her attic at 13 Bannerman Road. (TV: The Last Sontaran)

When Luke was under attack from a Vishklar, she recommended using the headset to charge K9 so she could re-establish communications with him. (TV: The Nightmare Man)

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