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Lytton was a four issue comic series by Cutaway Comics centered on the character of Gustave Lytton by writer Eric Saward and artist Barry Renshaw.

Publisher's summary[]

Intergalactic freelance soldier Lytton has swapped the battlefields of the Five Galaxies for a Soho jazz club.

Everything should be perfect - if it wasn't for the strange noises in the sewers, rumours that vicious aliens stalk the dark alleys and the terrible sense of murder in the air.


# Title Writer Featuring Printed in Released
1 Down These Mean Streets A Man Must Go Eric Saward Gustave Lytton LYT 1 September 2020
2 Crime Like Politics is Always Personal Gustave Lytton, alien policemen LYT 2 24 December 2020
3 Even the Oppressed Own Their Lives... Gustave Lytton, alien policemen, Cyberman androids, Terileptils LYT 3 29 March 2021
4 Goodbye To All That LYT 4 August 2021


  • Lytton was first announced in November 2016 with a planned release date in early 2017.[1]
  • Issue 1 was announced with a cover-dated of May 2019[2][3] but was pushed back to Summer 2019,[4] September 2019,[5] June 2020,[6] July 2020,[7] August 2020, and ultimately September 2020.
  • A free "ashcan" preview of issue 1 was released on 26 May 2019.[8]
  • In July 2019, the plot of Lytton was referenced in the official Resurrection of the Daleks novelization.
  • A motion comic teaser for the first issue was released on YouTube on 13 August 2020.
  • The creators took part in a Reddit AMA in March 2021.

Value added material[]

Each issue of Lytton purchased directly from Cutaway Comics included a bonus DVD of "value added material" (VAM).

# Cover Content
1 Lytton 1 VAM.jpg
  • Video commentaries on the comic featuring artist Barry Renshaw and writer Eric Saward
  • An introduction to the series from Eric Saward
  • New interviews with Eric Saward and Barry Renshaw
  • Newly recorded audio commentaries for ‘Gangsters’, the series that shot Lytton actor Maurice Colbourne to fame featuring series creator Philip Martin and BFI Historian Dick Fiddy
  • A newly recorded audio commentary for ‘The Caves of Androzani’ featuring Salateen actor Robert Glenister
  • Deleted pages, and concept art
2 Lytton 2 VAM.jpg
  • Commentary for Gangsters: ‘Incident 2’ with Philip Martin (Writer) and Dick Fiddy (Moderator)
  • Commentary for ‘Attack of the Cybermen’ with Eric Saward (Script Editor), David Banks (Cyber Leader) and Justin Johnson (Moderator)
  • Video: In-vision commentary for Issue 2 with Eric Saward (Writer) and Barry Renshaw (Artist)
  • Video: Interview with Barry Renshaw (Artist)
  • Video: Trailer for Omega stories
3 Lytton 3 VAM.jpg
  • Newly recorded commentary for Doctor Who: 'Earthshock' with David Banks (Cyber Leader), Matthew Waterhouse (Adric) and Eric Saward (Writer), moderated by the BFI's Justin Johnson
  • Video commentary for Issue 3 of Lytton with Eric Saward (Writer) and Barry Renshaw (Illustrator)
  • Archive Panel of Philip Martin talking about Gangsters with the BFI’s Dick Fiddy in Manchester, 2015
  • Kickstarter Bonus: New sketch from The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre
4 Lytton 4 VAM.jpg
  • New audio commentary for THE VISITATION with MATTHEW WATERHOUSE (Adric) and ERIC SAWARD (writer/script editor), moderated by the BFI's JUSTIN JOHNSON
  • Commentary on Lytton #4 with BARRY RENSHAW (artist) and ERIC SAWARD (writer)
  • Newly filmed interview with ERIC SAWARD, hosted by MATT CHARLTON
  • Trailer for PARADISE TOWERS
  • And an Easter Egg!

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