Lunch was a meal.

Dr Wayne Songo'o was having lunch with Guto when Guto was confronted by a Mercurial. Wayne ran from the lunch area and joined Alison Kolitz, and together they helped the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot make contact with the Mercurials. (PROSE: Mercury)

A waitress working at a pub in Ambermouth asked what Charlie Gibbs wanted for lunch, and later served the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan Jovanka and Vislor Turlough with their lunch. (AUDIO: Eldrad Must Die!)

Ormsin Ives' assistant Tabitha helped Ormsin arrange a lunch for two groups of Hufko delegates. (PROSE: The Diplomat's Story)


River Song offers the Tenth Doctor her lunch of salad and roasted chicken legs. (TV: Silence in the Library

Sam Jones didn't like ham because her mother packed her lunches with it until she was eight. (PROSE: Beltempest)

Mickey Smith had lunch with his girlfriend, Rose Tyler, in Trafalgar Square on 4 March 2005. (TV: Rose)

River Song gave her lunch of chicken and salad to the Tenth Doctor so that he could feed the chicken legs to the Vashta Nerada. (TV: Silence in the Library)

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