The Lunaries were a humanoid species which inhabited the Moon. They possessed antennae, long, thin limbs and wings which could be bird-like, insect-like or bat-like. They were about fifteen feet tall in height. They looked more like imaginary creatures than ones that evolved naturally. It was implied that they were originally from Earth, as they had "adjusted" to the Moon's month-long day-night cycle and "abandoned earthly days".

Technologically, they were highly advanced; they had artificial servants called servuses, used mirrors for long-distance communication, and could capture the souls of the dead which passed through the Moon's influence on their way to Heaven and give them new bodies.

Culturally, they were uninhibited and hedonistic, freely indulging in dancing, feasting, drinking, recreational drug use and open sexuality. They occasionally hunted the local wildlife such as lions.

In 1590, the Lunaries invited ambassadors from every capital city in Europe to the Moon to decide with which nation they would form an alliance. The English delegation, led by Sirs Jack Fuller and Malcome Canker, were transported there by Iris Wildthyme in her TARDIS, while the other nations used their own spaceships. The Florentine delegation, led by Duke Ferdinand, became England's chief rival in their bids to be chosen as allies. Despite their attempts to sabotage negotiations, with the secret aid of Sir Canker, ultimately the Lunaries decided to ally with England. (PROSE: Minions of the Moon)

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