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Luna University was a university located on Earth's Moon.

History Edit

Luna University existed by 2643. (PROSE: Continuity Errors)

The University was infiltrated by two Kovarian, two Silents and two members of the Kovarian Chapter to re-kidnap River Song and use her in their scheme to kill the Eleventh Doctor. (TV: Closing Time)

The Luna University once attempted to recuperate River's student loan. River was the only survivor of the attempt, killing all of the bailiffs that came after her. (AUDIO: Time in a Bottle)

Personnel Edit

Staff Edit

A number of clones (PROSE: Big Bang Generation) of Professor Arthur Candy taught at the University over several centuries. (PROSE: Continuity Errors, AUDIO: Oh No It Isn't!, TV: Let's Kill Hitler) Professor Bernice Summerfield taught archaeology there in the 52nd century. (AUDIO: Lies in Ruins)

Alumni Edit

River Song studied archaeology in the 52nd century, in search of the Eleventh Doctor,. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler, etc.) To that end, she took Professor Summerfield's classes. (AUDIO: Lies in Ruins) Her peers included Jemima Still, who became a lecturer at the University, and Melak, her future husband. (AUDIO: Time in a Bottle)

In the timeline created by the Last Great Time War, (AUDIO: Companion Piece) Bliss studied quantum engineering at the University. (AUDIO: Echoes of War)

Behind the Scenes Edit

Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart was a student on a university placed on the moon in the 22nd century, although it is unknown if these two universities are the same. (PROSE: Transit)

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