Luke Pendrell was a student at Winterborne School.

Biography Edit

Luke did not have a great relationship with mother or father, who often neglected to pick him up from the school during the holidays and would later send him a cheque and a hasty apology.

At the school, Luke shared a room with Andrew Powell and Christian Purcell. He was secretly in a sexual relationship with Christian, sneaking out at night with him and kissing when their room was empty, which was once seen by Andrew. The three found Barbara Taploe's dog Badger's body used as a sort of scarecrow and later discussed Isaac Greatorex. He was briefly believed to be missing when he met with his father without telling anyone.

Luke was killed by Christian (who was and had been possessed by Greatorex) on his eighteenth birthday as part of his resurrection ritual. Liz Shaw and D.I. Burke initially suspected Gavin Purcell of being his killer. (HOMEVID: The Devil of Winterborne)

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