Doctor Luke Betterman was a Harley Street consultant who specialised in nervous conditions. He recognised Professor George Litefoot. He helped to investigate a series of missing people. He discovered that a local underground casino were killing people after that had changed their wills to bequeath the owners a lot of money. (AUDIO: The Devil's Dicemen)

He had been on a trip to the Americas since the last time he had seen Litefoot and had arrived at Dover and discovered Henry Gordon Jago's death. Arriving after the funeral, he bumped into Litefoot on the way to the Wake. Litefoot asked him to help in an investigation of Zombie corpses hoping that his medical opinion was useful. Upon discovering what specimens that he had brought back with him, Litefoot became suspicious of Betterman, think he was behind the Zombies. Betterman worked out that he could use one of the poisons he had brought back to stop the Zombies. (AUDIO: The Mourning After)

He later disappeared, but turned up at the Red Tavern when he walked into Ellie. He was abducted and bound soon after Jago was dug up. He went with Ellie to find his captor. He investigated the Museum and found information on Sibelius Crow there. Betterman later assisted Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago with their investigations in London, while Carruthers Summerton tried to frame Betterman for murders he himself committed. He managed to stop the exhibits at the Museum of Curiosities to help Quick and the duo to stop Summerton. (AUDIO: The Museum of Curiosities)

Parallel World Edit

On a parallel world, a version of Betterman saved Jago and Litefoot from the giant rat of Magnus Greel. (AUDIO: How The Other Half Lives) He explained to Jago and Litefoot how he had dealt with Greel without the Doctor's help. They helped them in the investigation of the fading body. (AUDIO: Too Much Reality)

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