Tech-Ops Ludella was a scientist in the Kaled Military Corps who lived on Skaro towards the end of the Thousand Year War between the Kaleds and the Thals. She reported to the Supremo on the progress of Davros' rescue team. When Davros took control and ordered all children under the age of five handed over to his care, Ludella's son Kento was among them. She confronted Davros and demanded to see him. Davros agreed to this. Nyder ordered Baran to escort her to the facility. Upon arriving, Baran knocked her out and entered himself, discovering Davros' genetic experiments. After he was captured, Nyder found Ludella's unconscious body and Davros had her fed to her son, who had begun to undergo mutation into what would later become known as a Dalek. (AUDIO: Guilt)

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