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Lucy Wilson was born to Albert and Tamara Wilson on 2 June 2005. She was the sister of Conall and Nick Wilson. (PROSE: Lucy Wilson)


At the age of two, Lucy went to play on a slide for the first time. She went down the slide head-first, and was caught by her grandfather when she reached the bottom.

When Lucy was seven, Sir Alistair came to visit Lucy, and imparted on her an alien gift, which would remind her that there was always hope when things went bad. (PROSE: Lucy Wilson)

When Lucy was twelve, she and her family moved from London to Ogmore-by-Sea. There Lucy became friends with Hobo, a local boy who had alopecia. The two of them travelled to London to an event celebrating the life of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. The event was a trap by the Great Intelligence, and Lucy was able to defeat the entity with the help of Hobo and Dame Anne Bishop. (PROSE: Avatars of the Intelligence)

In 2018, Lucy and Hobo prevented the Clowns from invading Earth. (PROSE: Curse of the Mirror Clowns)

Lucy and Hobo travelled to Monknash to investigate the strange behaviour of its inhabitants. They discovered the behaviour was caused by the influence of Cylene, an alien matriarch. After stopping Cylene's sister, Sorene, from stranding her on the planet, Cylene was able to return home. (PROSE: The Midnight People)

Lucy and Hobo went to a video game arcade in Porthcawl. There they encountered a Quark. Lucy managed to pacify it as she was a descendant of its former master, Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. (PROSE: The Arcade of Doom)

James Lethbridge-Stewart had memories of meeting Lucy and Hobo in Bledoe when he and Alistair were children. (PROSE: Night of the Intelligence)


Lucy had dark skin and dark eyes, taking after her mother, Tamara. (PROSE: Lucy Wilson) She had wild hair. The personification of her grandfather told her that she had "the eyes" of a Lethbridge-Stewart, eyes that had seen wonders that others hadn't. (PROSE: Curse of the Mirror Clowns)


Lucy had a keen interest in aliens throughout her childhood, relishing in her grandfather's stories. Alistair himself believed she had spirit, much more so than any of his other descendants. (PROSE: Lucy Wilson) Lucy later adopted the alias "Lucy Lethbridge-Stewart", acknowledging her heritage and her mantle as a defender of Earth. (PROSE: Curse of the Mirror Clowns)

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