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Lucy Wilson, later known as Major Lucy Lethbridge-Stewart and, in the last decades of her long life, as the Crone, was the granddaughter of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.


Early Life[]

Lucy was born to Albert and Tamara Wilson on 2 June 2005. (PROSE: Lucy Wilson) During labour, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and a midwife were present. Lucy was delivered into Alistair's arms, and they shared a bond ever since. (PROSE: The Midwife and the Alien) She was the sister of Conall and Nick Wilson. (PROSE: Lucy Wilson)

At the age of two, Lucy went to play on a slide for the first time. She went down the slide head-first, and was caught by her grandfather when she reached the bottom. (PROSE: Lucy Wilson)

In 2010, aged five, Lucy encountered racism for the first time while in Florida with her father. When Lucy jumped into a swimming pool full of white children at a birthday party, the parents quickly ushered their kids out of the pool, fearing contamination, leaving Lucy confused and scared. One of the parents told Albert that they did not want their kids splashing around with a "dirty little monkey", angering him. Albert was left to reassure his tearful daughter that she had done nothing wrong, and explained to her that some people hate others because of the colour of their skin. (PROSE: 8.46)

When Lucy was six, in September 2011, Sir Alistair came to visit Lucy, and imparted on her an alien gift, which would remind her that there was always hope when things went bad. (PROSE: Lucy Wilson)

Lucy had continued to experience minor instances of racism in her life, such as being followed around a supermarket, or being stopped by police for carrying a rucksack. She had not experienced racism from anybody she cared about, and grew up believing that these occasional hurtful acts and slurs were just how things were. Her grandfather Alistair once told her, in regards to racism, that "sometimes human beings are worse than the monsters". (PROSE: 8.46)

With Hobo[]

When Lucy was twelve, she and her family moved from London to Ogmore-by-Sea. There Lucy became friends with Hobo, a local boy who had alopecia. The two of them travelled to London to an event celebrating the life of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. The event was a trap by the Great Intelligence, and Lucy was able to defeat the entity with the help of Hobo and Dame Anne Bishop. (PROSE: Avatars of the Intelligence)

In 2017, Lucy and Hobo prevented the Clowns from invading Earth. (PROSE: Curse of the Mirror Clowns)

Lucy and Hobo travelled to Monknash to investigate the strange behaviour of its inhabitants. They discovered the behaviour was caused by the influence of Cylene, an alien matriarch. After stopping Cylene's sister, Sorene, from stranding her on the planet, Cylene was able to return home. (PROSE: The Midnight People)

That Christmas Lucy and Hobo had several adventures, which included a visit from Conall, Dean and their daughter, and Lucy receiving a long multi-coloured scarf. (PROSE: The Christmas Cracker Conundrum!)

In early 2018, Lucy and Hobo went to a video game arcade in Porthcawl. There they encountered a Quark. Lucy managed to pacify it as she was a descendant of its former master, Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. (PROSE: The Arcade of Doom)

Lucy became a winner on the Billy Bandril Show, and together with Hobo she foiled at attempted Bandril invasion of Earth. (PROSE: The Bandril Invasion)

James Lethbridge-Stewart had memories of meeting Lucy and Hobo in Bledoe when he and Alistair were children. (PROSE: Night of the Intelligence) A photograph of that meeting was owned by Alistair up until his death, but he only realised it was here when she reached eleven. He told Conall about this in 2011, and in 2017 a time-travelling Lucy noticed the picture for the first time. (PROSE: Avatars of the Intelligence, Acceptance, and then Understanding) The events finally transpired in April 2018, when a time-travelling Alistair possessed the body of Hobo and Lucy and he was sent back to 1937 to solve the mystery of the Traveller. Lucy was helped by Alistair to accept his death, and to finally move on. At the end of the adventure, Lucy and Hobo used the time ring to attend her granddad's funeral in 2012. (PROSE: Lucy Wilson and the Bledoe Cadets, The Brigadier & the Bledoe Cadets)

Shortly after, Lucy and Hobo, on a trip to the Globe Theatre in London, found themselves taken back in to 1769, and there they stop the aliens Ursinians, and meet an ancestor of Lucy's (from the Wilson side of the family), Louise Symmonds. At the end of the adventure, Louise received a time ring of her own, and a promise to one day meet Lucy again. (PROSE: The Serpent's Tongue)

When Lucy was isolating during a virus outbreak on 29 March 2020, she contacted Hobo on a website called Whoosh and encountered a group of aliens called the Meme Lords and defeated them. (PROSE: Copy/Paste) She spoke to Conall and learned that he and Dean were planning on moving to Cardiff once the lockdown was over. Bothered by the thought of being infected by the virus and passing it on, Lucy was taken back in time by her time ring to the 1970s/1980s, and found herself in an evacuated London during Operation Golden Age. There she met Jonathan James, future father of her cousin Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. She realised she had to keep her safe, and make sure he did not get eaten by a dinosaur. She used events to ensure he was caught by UNIT troops, narrowly missing bumping into her grandfather. (PROSE: The Invasion of London) Shortly after this, she was involved with events with the Neraida and Empress Tromaktika and Emperor Tromeros. (PROSE: Sweet Revenge)

Still in lockdown, Lucy's outlook on racism changed significantly upon watching the footage of George Floyd's murder by police. She and Hobo went to join a socially-distanced anti-racism protest in Ogmore-by-Sea, but not before Lucy's time ring took them on a trip through time, where they saw African slaves in a previous century, as well as revisited Lucy's own first experience with racism as a child a decade earlier. (PROSE: 8.46)

Later life[]

According to one account, Hobo and Lucy eventually ended up as the last two rebellious survivors of humanity in a ruined London at "the end of the world", who were being hunted by the government while the Sun slowly imploded overhead. (PROSE: Assessment Day)

According to another, a decade or so after they first became friend, Lucy and Hobo were agents of Umbrella, an organisation devoted to defending the Earth against alien attacks. She had reclaimed the last name of "Lethbridge-Stewart" and held the rank of Major. After many adventures, the two broke into a mysterious alien ship that seemed to be in a state of flux. There, Major Lucy was set upon by a shadow-being she later dubbed "Goldlilocks" and who was actually a sentient embodiment of the Black Void that was trying to break into reality by "optimising" the timelines of everything it encountered to suit its needs.

Goldilocks's designs were frustrated by the fixed points in the structure of History. However, it had discovered that some individuals, chiefly Lucy herself, were resistant to shifts in the timeline, being fixed points themselves, and could influence other fixed points. Trapping Lucy in the Interface, Goldilocks spent 300 years showing her various potential deaths of Hobo as a form of psychological torture, until she seemingly agreed to have her life rewritten and to help it rewrite the rest of the universe.

Becoming "the Crone", the now aged Lucy, who wielded a staff, created the Boneyard at the end of the universe. It was nominally a resting home for the heroes of the universe to spend their last days in peaceful contemplation, but she had told Goldilocks that it was a trap: it served as a way to corral living fixed points in Time in one place, severing them from the universe to be safely done away with.

Nearing her very last day, the Crone herself received a room in the Boneyard. However, she was then broken out by a young Hobo, travelling forwards in time in a time machine built into a Judy and Punch box. Ultimately, she returned to the Boneyard in the same machine to complete her centuries-spanning master-plan to defeat Goldilocks: after having all the retired heroes stand in a circle, she summoned Goldilocks, revealed its true nature as the Black Void to it, and banished it out of the universe, with the Boneyard serving as a seal cutting off its point of entry into the universe.

The Crone then convened a younger Major Lucy Lethbridge-Stewart, as well as the school-aged Lucy who had yet to first encounter Goldilocks, to a tea party in 21st-century Ogmore-by-Sea where she told her younger selves all about the plan, leaving them to complete it while disguising their foreknowledge. (PROSE Past, Present & Yet To Come)


Lucy had dark skin and dark eyes, taking after her mother, Tamara. (PROSE: Lucy Wilson) She had wild hair. The personification of her grandfather told her that she had "the eyes" of a Lethbridge-Stewart, eyes that had seen wonders that others hadn't. (PROSE: Curse of the Mirror Clowns)


Lucy had a keen interest in aliens throughout her childhood, relishing in her grandfather's stories. Alistair himself believed she had spirit, much more so than any of his other descendants. (PROSE: Lucy Wilson) Lucy later adopted the alias "Lucy Lethbridge-Stewart", acknowledging her heritage and her mantle as a defender of Earth. (PROSE: Curse of the Mirror Clowns)