Lucanol was a valuable mineral mined on several worlds. It was churned out by lava flows, forming stalagmites in the mine shafts. Raw lucanol disrupted electrical activity. (AUDIO: Alien Heart)

On Kaldor, sandminers trawled the dunes for lucanol, Ander Poul claiming it was the dream of everyone on board Storm Mine 4 to take a sandminer back home "with every tank full of lucanol". When Lish Toos detected traces of lucanol alongside zelanite and keefan, Kiy Uvanov declared it to be "money in the bank". (TV: The Robots of Death)

Lucanol was also minded on Traxana (AUDIO: Alien Heart) and in abundance on Burnt Salt up until the 2260s. (AUDIO: The Tyrants of Logic)

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