You may be looking for his clone or the Coal Hill student.

Supervisor Lowe was in charge of Titan Base when it was attacked by the Swarm's servants Safran, Silvey and Meeker — members of a relief crew and former friends of Lowe. He sent out a Mayday call that reached the Fourth Doctor and Leela.

Lowe confronted the attackers and killed Silvey. Fleeing, he was cornered and trapped inside a room. Meeker and Safran cut off the oxygen from the room. When Leela found him, he was covered in ice, so she worked to revive his ailing health. Together, they managed to kill Meeker, but not before he passed on the infection to Lowe. He tried to kill the Doctor and Leela and was eventually killed by K9 as he tried to stop the Doctor destroying the Nucleus. (TV: The Invisible Enemy)

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