Expelliarmus! William Shakespeare Vs The Carrionites - Doctor Who - The Shakespeare Code - BBC

Expelliarmus! William Shakespeare Vs The Carrionites - Doctor Who - The Shakespeare Code - BBC

The Carrionites crash the play; all copies of the script are lost in their defeat by Shakespeare. (TV: The Shakespeare Code)

Love's Labour's Won was the 1599 sequel to the play Love's Labour's Lost, both written by William Shakespeare. It was performed only once, while an alien invasion began and was quickly ended by the Tenth Doctor and Shakespeare himself.

The final words of the monologue in the play were written under the influence of the Carrionites. Though they sounded like random words, they were a mathematical formula which, when spoken and combined with the unique geometry of the Globe Theatre, would free them from their dimensional prison.

Save for a few references in historical tracts, all evidence of the play was lost. All copies of the original scripts were sucked through the Carrionite portal when the Doctor, Shakespeare and Martha Jones used the "right" words to again trap the Carrionites. The strange ending, attributed to special effects, received much applause.

Martha Jones suggested Shakespeare rewrite his play but the Doctor recommended against it. Shakespeare decided to move on to writing a play about fathers and sons. (TV: The Shakespeare Code) Nonetheless, Shakespeare seemed to have rewritten the play at some point. When Irving Braxiatel met with a dying Shakespeare in April of 1616, he requested for the Library of St John the Beheaded manuscripts of plays that had not been favoured by England's monarch, among them Love's Labour's Won. Shakespeare dismissed them as minor works that didn't deserve to survive but allowed Braxiatel to take them. (PROSE: The Empire of Glass)

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