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You may be looking for her DWU counterpart or the parodical character.

Louise Jameson (born 20 April 1951[1]) played Leela, the leather-clad warrior companion of the Fourth Doctor, from The Face of Evil to The Invasion of Time. She later reprised the role for the anniversary special, Dimensions in Time, and for several Big Finish Productions audio adventures.

She has also appeared as Patricia Haggard in four direct-to-video adventures of the investigating organisation P.R.O.B.E., with Caroline John as Liz Shaw.

Jameson has also appeared on Emmerdale (as Sharon Crossthwaite), The Omega Factor (as Dr. Anne Reynolds), Tenko (as Blanche Simmons), Bergerac (as Susan Young) and EastEnders (as Rosa di Marco). Fellow EastEnders cast member Leslie Grantham, who appeared in Resurrection of the Daleks, has credited Jameson with inspiring him to pursue a career in drama while he was serving time in prison.

Jameson attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art with her successor on Doctor Who, Mary Tamm, and spent two years with the Royal Shakespeare Company, performing in Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, King Lear, and Blithe Spirit. Other stage appearances include the first production of Passion Play.

In the early 1980s, Jameson modelled for photographs for one of Lalla Ward's knitting books, wearing some of Ward's designs.

Louise is the subject of MJTV's The Actor Speaks Volume 5, in which she discusses herself, her acting career and the various roles in which she has appeared.

She is married to actor David Warwick.

In 2013, she partnered up with Frazer Hines in the Doctor Who edition of Pointless Celebrities. Seven years later, she went on the show again (in a Sci-Fi edition), this time partnered with Matthew Waterhouse.

In the DWU[]

Louise Jameson portrayed herself in the webcast The Home Assistants of Death?!, of which she was the main protagonist, however the story is not currently a valid source on this Wiki due to the story being classed as a trailer by the BBC.

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