Louie Rollins was a young boy who was the cousin of Millie Peterson. He aided the Eleventh Doctor on several occasions.

Biography Edit

Louie was born a few minutes apart from his cousin Millie Peterson. His father's name was Geoff, and he had a baby sister named Ella. (PROSE: The Night After Hallowe'en)

Louie had been to a fun Halloween party with Millie, which they were discussing as they left school the next day. On his way home, the tyre of Louie's bicycle received a puncture and he was forced to stop in the middle of a street lined with warehouses. He entered one of the warehouses, looking for someone to help him, but instead the warehouse was filled with Halloween decorations. He then saw a decaying man and met the Doctor, who took him a safe distance away. The toy spiders in the warehouse were then animated by the alien, and an animated skull and red eyes that fed off of Louie's fear appeared. Louie calmed his heart rate and deflected a burst of fire from the red eyes, which then caused the warehouse to explode. The Doctor returned Louie home, and the two and Millie went to Bonfire Night, where effigies of Guy Fawkes were animated. The Doctor took the cousins in the TARDIS to the warehouse, though they refused to stay in the TARDIS when the Doctor said it could get dangerous. Louie destroyed the alien with a device the Doctor had taken from the TARDIS. (PROSE: The Night After Hallowe'en)

At Christmas, Louie, Millie, and his aunt Rachael invited the Doctor to see a pantomime of Peter Pan, but no one had showed up due to the weather except Big Jack, who worked there. The power in the theatre was drained by a Brakari, who needed the energy for her and her baby to survive. Louie became very weak and later unconscious due to the decreasing temperature, though the Doctor and Millie later revitalised him and the Brakari. He joined the Doctor, Millie, Aunt Rachael, and Big Jack in the TARDIS to release the Brakari in space. (PROSE: Snowfall)

The next year, Louie went to visit Millie during a snowstorm and wide-spread blackout caused by the Council of Dead. He borrowed his neighbour snowboard, but accidentally hit a snowman (which had been set up a sentry by the Council) and crashed into Millie's kitchen. While there, they were visited by the Eleventh Doctor, who had been pulled off-course by the Council. When the Doctor identified the phosidium in the snow, Louie, the Doctor and Rachael went to the TARDIS to scan for more. At this point, Millie was kidnapped by an animated snowman and a downed cable was animated to attack them. The Doctor was able to destroy the cable and they went to the TARDIS to find both Millie and the phosidium. Realising that she had been teleported to a factory the other side of town and that she was likely chosen because of her connection to the Doctor, they decided to reach her on hoverboards instead of with the TARDIS. Along the way, Louie and Rachael were attacked by snowmen and also teleported to the factory as well. As Millie had escaped at this point, Fasheith planned to use Louie and Rachael as bait to attract the Doctor. Louie was rescued after Millie returned with the TARDIS and a device to destroy the Council. After these adventures the Doctor took Millie and Louie to see the birth of the Salcreyan Nebula. (PROSE: Attack of the Snowmen)

Appearance Edit

Louie was thin and taller than Millie with straight blond hair. (PROSE: The Night After Hallowe'en)

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