Lost in Translation was a full cast audio anthology released in 9 September 2020 by Big Finish Productions, and the sixth release of The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield.

Publisher's summary[]

Bernice Summerfield is back in four new adventures with a Time Lord from another universe.

6.1 Have I Told You Lately? by Tim Foley

Bernice and the Doctor find themselves lost in the dark with the only clue to their surroundings a mysterious voice.

6.2 The Undying Truth by JA Prentice

A mysterious mission has discovered a body, one that should never be found. Can the Undying really be dead after all?

6.3 Inertia by James Goss

A remote island on a dull world. Some boring natives, some uninteresting ruins. Can two time travellers manage to do nothing for a month?

6.4 Gallifrey by Guy Adams and AK Benedict

The Doctor has come home. But he doesn't belong here. And Bernice thinks there's something very wrong with Gallifrey.


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
6.1 Have I Told You Lately? Tim Foley Scott Handcock September 2020 BFPDWNABOX005
6.2 The Undying Truth JA Prentice
6.3 Inertia James Goss
6.4 Gallifrey Guy Adams, AK Benedict Narvin


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