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Doctor Who: Lost in Time was the title of the BBC DVD box set released in 2004, a release prompted by the recovery in January 2004 of the previously missing second episode, "Day of Armageddon" from The Daleks' Master Plan. It was a three-DVD set that compiled all eighteen orphaned episodes (episodes that made up half or less of a story) from the William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton eras.

Except when the source material was too degraded to make it possible, most episodes were remastered using the VidFIRE process to restore the original videotape look.


  • Region 2 1 November 2004
  • Region 4 2 December 2004; re-released 1 July 2010
  • Region 1 2 November 2004
NTSC - Warner Video E2081 (Hartnell single disc) / E2082 (Troughton 2 disc set) / E2083 (Box set)
The Hartnell and Troughton discs have also been made available separately in Region 1.


Disc 1 (William Hartnell)[]

Rear Credits:

Disc 2 (Patrick Troughton, Season 4)[]

Disc 3 (Patrick Troughton, Season 5 and 6)[]

Rear Credits (for Disc 2 & 3):


Since Lost in Time was released, several previously missing 1960s Doctor Who episodes have been recovered: "Air Lock" from Galaxy 4 and The Underwater Menace episode two in December 2011; and The Enemy of the World episodes one, two, four, five and six (along with a second copy of the already existing episode three) and The Web of Fear episodes two, four, five and six in October 2013.