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Lorna Bucket was an inhabitant of the Gamma Forests, a "Gamma Girl" who became a Cleric of the Church after her encounter with the Eleventh Doctor as a child. She was killed during the Battle of Demon's Run.


Early life[]

Lorna's Escape

The Doctor helps Lorna escape from a creature. (PROSE: Lorna's Escape)

Lorna was born and raised in the Gamma Forests and first met the Eleventh Doctor when she was a young girl. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) She and her friend, Stefan, were pursued by a "massive, scaly creature" whose spaceship crash landed in the forest. The Doctor reached out his hand to Lorna, telling her to run. While she ran, she heard Stefan call out and saw the creature approach him. She quickly dragged him away from the creature's path. While chasing after the creature, Lorna reunited with her father, who led her towards the Doctor's battle with the creature. She saw the Doctor connect a wire to what seemed to be a shield, which released a light engulfing the creature. While rushing back to his TARDIS, the Doctor glanced at Lorna and smiled before taking off. Lorna knew that one day, she would have to encounter the Doctor, who had become famous among the people of the Gamma Forests as a mighty warrior, again. (PROSE: Lorna's Escape)

Service with the Church[]

She later enlisted in the Church, although the forests were neutral to their cause; unlike other soldiers, she tried to be nice to Amy Pond while she was held captive. Lorna gave Amy a prayer leaf she had sewn for Amy's daughter. This was embroidered with the closest translation of Melody Pond in her native tongue, "River Song". Lorna was present when the Doctor confronted Colonel Manton, the Headless Monks, and her squad. She later saw the hooded Doctor using his sonic screwdriver to escape. She did not reveal his presence but gave chase. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)


Lorena's death

Lorna gets shot by a Headless monk. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

She stayed behind after the Doctor's army arrived and drove the other Clerics away. She overheard Madame Kovarian talking about a trap and tried to warn the Doctor's allies. However, as she was a member of the Church, they were sceptical until she explained why she had enlisted: it was the only way to meet the Doctor, a mighty warrior, again. When Amy said that the Doctor was not a warrior, Lorna was confused because the word "Doctor" translated as "mighty warrior" in her native language. Unfortunately, the warning proved too late, as the Headless Monks had already killed most of the Silurians.

Lorna was fatally wounded in the melee against the Monks. The Doctor consoled her in her last moments, thanking her for helping to save his friends, and assuring her he remembered her, and that he always remembered those he met. After she died, he asked who she was, suggesting either he had yet to meet her in his timeline, or that he did not remember her. He agreed with Madame Vastra that she was extremely brave. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)


River Song used the prayer leaf Lorna had crafted to show Amy and Rory Williams that she was their daughter, Melody Pond. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

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