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Lords of the Storm was the seventeenth novel in the Virgin Missing Adventures series. It was written by David A. McIntee and featured the Fifth Doctor and Vislor Turlough. It was one of two novels published in 1995 that featured the Sontarans; in fact, this novel served as a prequel to the other novel, Shakedown, which in itself was an adaptation of a spin-off video drama.

Publisher's summary[]

"They've been fighting this war for longer than man has been walking upright, and they don't take prisoners."

The war between the Sontarans and the Rutans has been raging for millennia. Billions have died and whole star systems have been obliterated in the conflict. Now, finally, one side may have victory within its grasp.

The human colony world of Raghi is crucial to that victory. When the Fifth Doctor and Turlough arrive there, they find a seemingly stable society ruled by a strict caste system. But all is not as it seems. Members of the lower caste are being struck down by a mysterious illness. People are vanishing in their hundreds. And strange objects have been observed orbiting the sun.

Why is Raghi so important to the feuding alien empires? And how high a price will the galaxy pay if the conflict comes to an end?


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  • The Tzun were wiped out by the Veltrochni in the 2170s.
  • The Tzun Confederacy encompassed ten thousand or more worlds, each holding terullian deposits.
  • The Rutan(s) refer to other races in the singular, i.e. the Sontaran, the Human, etc.
  • Kamelion can only respond to mental commands and not messages.
  • The moon of Betelgeuse V was destroyed by the Sontarans after they salvaged what they had needed from a derelict Stormblade ship.


  • Some of the terms, including the planets and their sun, are named after Indian mythology. At the back of the book is a list of references including the various Sontaran clans, Rutans and the celestial bodies in the story.
  • The Sontarans name the class of their ships after distinguished Sontarans, e.g. Linx class cruiser is named after Linx.
  • This serves as a prequel to the events in the novel Shakedown.
  • The Tzun also appear in the novels First Frontier, Mission: Impractical and Bullet Time.


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