Lord Urton was an English aristocrat.

He lived in late 19th century Middletown with his wife Lady Urton. He owned and ran a tin mine which was the main source of income for the town. By the time of the amnesiac Eighth Doctor's visit, the mine had been worked out. Lord Urton had tried to find another seam of tin to keep the mine open, but failed.

When Roger Nepath arrived in Middletown, he told Lord Urton he wished to reopen the mine. He could either purchase it outright, or enter into partnership with Urton. He took Urton into the mine to show him what it would be producing. This was a ruse to allow the fire elemental to possess Urton. Later, he brought his wife under the elemental's control.

When the Eighth Doctor and Reverend Matthew Stobbold investigated the Urton manor, Lord Urton attacked and chased them. The Doctor kicked him into a river, where the cold water turned him into a stone statue. (PROSE: The Burning)

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