Looking for Pudsey was a one-part 2016 minisode on Children in Need that featured the Twelfth Doctor as played by Peter Capaldi. The programme was later added to BBC iPlayer in a whole story format.

Synopsis Edit

Eddie Redmayne is searching for Pudsey so he gets into contact, assisted by Mel and Sue, with many famous individuals, the Twelfth Doctor being one of them.

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References Edit

  • The Twelfth Doctor appears on the TARDIS phone.
  • The Doctor mentioned Pudsey - a green fellow with five tentacles that's always screaming, Pudsey a semi-invisible, bearded and squirts ink out of his belly button and Pudsey a Gelatinous with a large hat and loves custard. As well as a yellow, fury, spotty eye patch wearing Pudsey that destroyed three galaxies with his mega sonic death ray.

Story notes Edit

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