Looking for Peter was a documentary about Peter R. Newman, writer of The Sensorites, and was included on the 2012 DVD releases of that story.

It was notable for its discovery of basic biographical facts about the writer, most of which had never been reported by Doctor Who Magazine or any licensed reference work.

Amongst the things established by this documentary were:

  • the utter lack of any kind of scholarship about Newman within the Doctor Who community;
  • Newman's middle name being revealed as Richard;
  • an explanation of some of the rumours surrounding the enigmatic Newman;
  • his death date, a matter of some confusion;
  • his cause of death, also something poorly understood prior to this documentary (most notably, debunking the rumour that he committed suicide);
  • an idea of his late-1950s career at Hammer Studios, including details of his only other major credit, the BAFTA-winning war film Yesterday's Enemy;
  • an overview of his service during World War II;
  • an impression of what his life was like after The Sensorites, his last screen credit.
  • photographs of Newman being shown and Hadoke given a recording of the author reading some literature.

The documentary was featured on the DVD release The Sensorites in lieu of the standard "making of the story" featurette usually included on such releases.

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