Long Time Dead was the seventeenth release in the BBC Torchwood Novels series and served as a prequel to The New World, as well as a direct sequel to the events of Children of Earth.

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Cardiff Bay. The government has ordered the excavation of the wreckage of a secret underground base. DCI Tom Cutler is watching from a distance, fascinated by the process. There are people in his dreams. People he feels he should know.

The disbanded Torchwood Institute spent a century accumulating non-terrestrial artefacts and catching aliens. Who knows what – or who – might still be intact down there. But by the time they find the first body, Suzie Costello is long gone.

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  • MI5 and MI6 are exploring possible buyers for salvaged Torchwood technology.

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  • This book is also available as an ebook from the Amazon Kindle store.
Long Time Dead Audiobook

The Audiobook cover.

Continuity Edit

  • Tom Cutler appears in PROSE: Into the Silence and the events of that story are mentioned several times.
  • Andy has recently been promoted to Sergeant and is secretly wondering if the promotion is to "shut him up" following his involvement with the recent 456 crisis. (TV: Day Five)
  • One of the empty packing crates in the ruins of the Hub is labelled "Colasanto". (TV: End of the Road)
  • Suzie recalls shooting Jack through the head. (TV: Everything Changes)

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  • The story was released as an audiobook on download only from the AudioGo website read by Indira Varma.

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