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Lomax was a Korven Imperial Commander who had travelled from the far future to warp the British government. The result was a dictatorship that dominated the British Isles, the Americas and Oceania during the mid-21st century. He disguised his true form by hiding behind a human silhouette and using a speech translator to make his voice sound human. He intended to weaken Earth's defences against invasion by his kind after the invasion in the late 25th century failed. All subsequent attempts to correct this, especially those in the early 27th century, also failed.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Lomax made the preparations for invasion in the 501st century. He found that the Space-Time Manipulator that had crashed on Earth aeons ago (TV: Angel of the North) had been used as a bridgehead for one of the aforementioned "corrections". (TV: The Korven) He believed he could use it as the bridgehead for an invasion and set out to weaken humanity's government, breathing life into the totalitarian Department (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven) K9 Mark 2's predecessor had a minor role in this plan, having been duped into killing the last four Jixen to revive the Korven's transracial ties with the Merons. These ties had been established in the 51st century when the Korven provided the Merons with energy weapons against the Jixen, obliterating the race. (TV: Hound of the Korven) This plan went awry when the Jixen's bodyguard, Ahab killed Zanthus Pia, the head of The Galactic Peace. (TV: The Bounty Hunter) The malfunctioning Space-Time Manipulator abducted K9 and the Jixen and brought them to London in the distant past. K9 regenerated and helped the Earth's defence against paranormal and extraterrestrial threats as well as the overall menace of the Department. (TV: Regeneration, TV: Hound of the Korven, TV: The Bounty Hunter)

When Drake and June argued over whose jurisdiction K9 was under, Lomax ruled that K9 was under June's division of extraterrestrial research and defence. (TV: The Bounty Hunter)

Lomax sent Drake to Sector SE14 Delta to investigate a possible extraterrestrial incursion crisis concerning the disappearance of the Major Oak. (TV: The Last Oak Tree)

After Drake almost caused the destruction of humanity through the Hunger, Lomax demoted him and gave the job to Inspector Thorne, the former governor of Dauntless Prison. (TV: Black Hunger)

When June found out Thorne took an Ukkan library card, she informed Lomax. He demanded the card returned within twelve hours or Thorne's resignation. (TV: Lost Library of Ukko)

Lomax ordered Thorne to bring him K9's regeneration unit. Its Time Lord technology would be of use. After Thorne's failure to destroy K9 with the Pain-Maker. Lomax assured him that the Department would have no recorded connection with Crashclub and that Freddie Maxwell would take the fall. (TV: Robot Gladiators)

Gryffen told June that he needed to get to the site of the crashed fallen angel in Canada for the missing key to the Space-Time Manipulator, the temporal stabiliser. Lomax left the decision of whether to take Gryffen to Thorne. (TV: Angel of the North)

Lomax later learned that a Jixen warrior was living within London's sewers, and set in motion plans to destroy it using poisonous gas. He ordered Thorne and June to carry out the orders. However, upon the discovery of two civilians in the detonation zone, and the revelation that a third remained there, June suspended the mission. An angered Lomax contacted her, insisting that she do her duty and complete the mission. However, June refused to obey the orders, prompting Lomax to demote her to the rank of constable. (TV: Hound of the Korven, TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)

Lomax's true identity and motives were revealed when he attempted to set in motion the Korven invasion. He was killed when he and his comrades were sucked into the Space-Time Manipulator as it exploded in a fiery inferno. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Lomax is referred to as "LOMAXX" in the official K9 site.[1] However, he was credited as "Lomax" in Robot Gladiators.
  • The Eclipse of the Korven establishes that Lomax was with the Korven invasion force in the year 50,000, suggesting that he had a way of communicating through history without actually travelling through it.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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