Doctor Lomax worked in the pathology laboratory at Ashbridge Cottage Hospital.

He was not amused when Dr Henderson sent him a blood sample that was not human. Thinking it a prank and a waste of his time, Dr Lomax paged Dr Henderson who rung him back whilst en route to radiology to find the culprit behind what Henderson similarly thought was a prank: two hearts appearing on the chest X-ray film of his new patient. Dr Henderson assured a sceptical Dr Lomax that he drew the blood himself from an adult male patient and that it was his responsibility to care for him, whether that made him a doctor, a veterinarian or a raving lunatic. (TV: Spearhead from Space)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Ellis Jones, who played a UNIT technician in episode one of the story, provided the voice of Dr Lomax, for which he remained uncredited both on-screen and in Radio Times. (DWM 181)
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