Lois Habiba was a junior personal assistant to Bridget Spears.

History[edit | edit source]

In September 2009, Lois was sent to the Home Office to assist Bridget Spears in John Frobisher's office whilst a new computer system was being introduced. (TV: Children of Earth: Day One) She signed the Official Secrets Act. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Two)

On her first day, she answered a call from Gwen Cooper asking to be put into contact with Frobisher, leading Lois to look up and learn about the Torchwood Institute using Bridget's login. After seeing the Blank Page that called for the assassination of Jack Harkness, Ellen Hunt, Michael Sanders and Andrew Staines, (TV: Children of Earth: Day One) she met with Gwen and Rhys Williams and devised a plan to get them access to the facility where Jack was being held. Gwen offered her a job at Torchwood Cardiff once the 456 was dealt with. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Two)

Lois was contacted by Gwen again and given the Eye-5 contact lenses so that Torchwood could see what was happening in Thames House. Although initially refusing to do so, she implied to Bridget that she was having an affair with Frobisher to gain access to Thames House and put in the lenses, writing down the 456's speech in shorthand for Torchwood to read. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Three) At a Cabinet meeting, working on Gwen's orders, she confronted the Cabinet by announcing that she represented Torchwood, who had recordings of everything. Shortly afterwards, the government locked Lois in a jail cell for the crime of espionage. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Four)

In the cell, Lois attempted to make contact with Jack in the adjacent cell, but he refused to answer, and was later visited by Bridget. After Bridget told her how good a man Frobisher was, Lois told her how to use the Eye-5 lenses to expose Brian Green for using Frobisher as a scapegoat. Once Denise Riley threatened Green with the recordings, she assured Bridget that she would see to it herself that Lois would be released. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Five)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Lois was created by Russell T Davies to replace the character of Martha Jones, who had been planned to star in series 3. When actress Freema Agyeman turned the job down in order to star in Law & Order: UK, Davies made Lois "a kind of a Martha figure."[1] Bearing in mind the Martha connection, ethnicity and role of personal assistant, Lois also has much in common with Martha's sister Tish Jones.
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