A lock was a device used on several things, most often doors, to seal them and prevent them from being opened without the correct key.

The Doctor's TARDIS was stated to have twenty-one different locks on the inside, with only one being the correct lock. Inserting the key inside the wrong lock would lead to the locking mechanism melting. (TV: The Daleks) Later, the lock was said to have a metabolism detector, which blocked entry to the Brigadier when the Third Doctor was absent. (TV: Spearhead from Space) Other times, simply possessing the TARDIS key was enough for someone to be able to unlock the doors. (TV: Blink)

Other locks could be found throughout history. Often times, the Doctor would use their sonic screwdriver to unlock (TV: The Sea Devils et al.) or lock specific locks. (TV: Doctor Who, et al.)

A deadlock seal could be added to a lock to improve security. Sonic devices such as the Doctor‘s were ineffective against these types of locks. (TV: Bad Wolf, Invasion of the Bane, et al.) However, some could be keyed to specific deadlock seals, as Matron Cofelia's sonic pen was to the building of Adipose Industries. (TV: Partners in Crime)

Yvonne Hartman carried a galactic lockpick. (AUDIO: Poker Face)

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