Lobos was the Morok governor of Xeros.

Lobos resided in the Morok Space Museum, where he was the curator. He captured the First Doctor and used a mind-reading device to question him. When the process failed, he ordered the Doctor to be prepared for display. Ian Chesterton used a hostage to gain access to the governor's office before having Lobos revert the preparation. However, Morok reinforcements captured Ian and later, Barbara Wright and Vicki Pallister. The Xerons, having broken into the armoury, staged a revolution, killing most of the Moroks.

Lobos and one of the commanders, realising they couldn't defeat the Xerons, decided to leave Xeros in Lobos' spaceship. When the commander asked what they should do with the Doctor and his friends, Lobos decided they should kill them. Lobos and the commander entered the room where the Doctor and his friends were being held and prepared to shoot them. However, a group of Xerons lead by Tor entered the office and shot and killed Lobos and the commander. (TV: The Space Museum)

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