Lobelia was the great-aunt of Olive Hawthorne, as well as her predecessor in the role of white witch of Devil's End.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Lobelia was the elder sister of Hester Hawthorne. (PROSE: The Inheritance, The Poppet)

After magic had extended Lobelia's life for many years, she came to Olive's home to give her her birthright. The noise she made awoke Olive, who came outside to speak with her. Lobelia told Olive that she would have to choose between good and evil, and that the right path would involve many sacrifices. Before she passed on, she gave Olive a grimoire and a bridel to aid in her nightmares.

Lobelia's words stuck with Olive for many years, especially adding to her guilt over her twin sister Poppy's disappearance. (HOMEVID: The Inheritance)

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