Loam was a planet that was bankrupt. Its former leader, Sugarpea, took out a loan with the Krib, the biggest bank in the universe. The loan expired and the planet became property of the Krib. The Krib's manager Kingfish had High Goliax manned with children inside playing games to clear the planet for resale, along with any remaining residents who were unable to evacuate. Sugarpea made the ultimate sacrifice in saving Loam. In doing so she became the Dictator of Loam and ended up having to face the death penalty. Sugarpea's execution by her own coal-fired diplomat Brassneck nullified the debt. The Doctor also freed the minds that had been removed from the heads of the High Goliax that ran the Krib's speculator computer as organic processors and had them reconnected to the High Goliax. (COMIC: The Woman Who Sold the World)

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