Livilla was a creation in Eugene Tacitus' world. In it, she was the wife of Pepin VII.

Biography Edit

Pepin's coronation Edit

Like all wives of the imperial family before her, Livilla was selected because of her looks rather than her personality, and like all wives of the imperial family before her, she despised her husband with a passion. Up until the death of Pepin's father, she spent most of her days working as a handmaiden for Empress Berengaria, performing increasingly torturous chores for the goddess's amusement; following Berengaria's disgrace and Pepin's ascendance to the throne, Livilla was declared Empress and Goddess — much to her delight.

However, Pepin doubted that he was a god and, refusing to lie to his subjects, ultimately admitted to not being a god in his coronation speech — ensuring that both he and Livilla would be executed in a coup led by Childeric. However, the Sixth Doctor and Frobisher landed amongst them in a move quickly declared a miracle by the populace, unwittingly saving their lives. To Livilla's frustration, Pepin refused to agree that the appearance had been caused by him, and were only rescued from further execution attempts by the intervention of Eugene Tacitus, who claimed that past kings had experienced mental fatigue following their coronation.

As a goddess Edit

Livilla asked Pepin to start behaving more like a god. He refused, telling her that he intended to abdicate. Knowing this would mean her death, she decided to ally with Childeric in his rebellion and stormed off, telling her ex-husband that upon their next meeting, she would kill him.

In her attempts to destabilize the Emperor's reign, she visited Berengaria in jail, offering to save her from execution (or at the very least grant her a painless death) in exchange for her announcing to the people that Childeric was her legitimate son as opposed to Pepin — a move that would allow Childeric to easily take the throne. Berengaria refused, mocking her successor for failing to live up to the legacy of past wives, prompting Livilla to beat her almost to death.

Livilla then visited Childeric and offered herself as his consort. Unimpressed with her sycophantic offerings, he turned her down, and allowed his son to adopt her as a plaything. After examining her thoughts and finding her understanding of power wanting, the child decided to show the horrified onlookers who Livilla really was by regressing her to infancy — before killing her. (AUDIO: The Holy Terror)

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