A mysterious little girl was a psychic and ageless Tarot card reader who resided in Cardiff. She claimed to be able to take on other forms as well, but she chose this one because it went well with her dress. When told by Alex Hopkins that Torchwood could help take her home, she said that she no longer had one. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)

Around 1897, she approached Jack Harkness in Cardiff to foretell his future. She told him that he would see two new centuries with Torchwood Three before once more meeting the Doctor. (TV: Fragments)

In 1999, she gave the Last of Erebus to Alex Hopkins, leader of Torchwood Three. The artefact showed him a vision of the future, after which he killed his entire team (except for Jack Harkness) and himself. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)

Jack later sought her out for advice on finding the second resurrection gauntlet. Despite the passage of more than 110 years, the girl appeared to have not aged. She cryptically told Jack where to find the gauntlet and Jack left to get it, but not before she unsuccessfully warned him against using the gauntlet. (TV: Dead Man Walking)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • It is hinted this girl may actually be Faith, the previous victim of the resurrection gauntlet, who battled Death to a standstill in Cardiff in 1479. This is supported by her knowledge of the glove and her apparent agelessness, but is contradicted in the audio story The Torchwood Archive. Though she appears human, her true nature remains unknown. Jack's encounter with her as he sought the gauntlet suggests an ongoing relationship with her beyond the two encounters chronicled thus far.