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Listen was a webcast that was made specifically for the Doctor Who: Lockdown! event. It features a poem written by Steven Moffat to tie into TV: Listen. The poem was later published in Adventures in Lockdown.


The author of the poem that appears in Listen encounters the Twelfth Doctor one fateful night.

Poem Text[]

What’s that in the mirror?
And in the corner of my eye?

What’s that foot step following?
But never passing by?

At night I hear such breathing
The dark is never still

The shadows are all seething
The air is damp and chill

Even as I write this
The shadows all have moved

How do I learn to fight this?
This enemy unproved

And now a voice is muttering
A voice that’s not my own

The candle now is guttering
The wind is now a moan

And wait

The door is knocking
And no this

can’t be right

The door I'm always locking
Is opening tonight

And standing there with blazing eyes
A man I've never seen

His face was pale and strange and wise
And lined and very lean

"This poem that you're writing"
"You now must throw away"

"The shadows that you're fighting"
"I fight them everyday"

"One night I'll have to read it"
"And fear will grip my soul"

"This fear I do not need it"
"This fear will take a toll"

I listened as he ranted
And then I told him, no

For words, like seeds, once planted
Towards the light must grow

He stood there now in silence
He did not turn to go

His eyes were full of violence
But his voice was soft and low

"These seeds, you must not sow them"
"Please cast them on the rocks"

"I'm the reader of this poem"
"I'm a madman with a box"




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  • The Doctor mentions that he is a "madman with a box". (TV: The Eleventh Hour et. al)
  • This story occurs while the Doctor is trying to find a creature who has evolved to hide. (TV: Listen)