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List of unmade stories, as that title is less ambiguous regarding the distinction between "unproduced", "unsold" etc. See its wide adoption on Wikipedia. Many of the stories featured on this page were produced, but were not released.

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The following is a list of unproduced stories from the world of Doctor Who. This list includes television serials and spin-offs, audio productions, comic books, novels, and short stories. These stories were all considered or planned for production yet not officially released. Some of the most common reasons include that the script was not delivered on time, the production was disrupted, or the story was rejected in favour of another pitch.


TV stories[]

Doctor Who[]

  • The Fragile Shifting Force of Gravity
  • The Invisibles
  • Inside the Console

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

  • The King's Bedtime Story
  • Operation Werewolf
  • The Queen of Time (adapted into AUDIO: The Queen of Time)
  • The New Machines
  • The Return of the Neanderthal
  • Untitled story by Dixon

Season 6[]

Season 7[]

Season 8[]

Season 9[]

Season 10[]

Season 11[]

Season 12[]

Season 13[]

Season 14[]

Season 15[]

Season 16[]

Season 17[]

Season 18[]

Season 19[]

Season 20[]

20th anniversary[]

Season 21[]

Season 22[]

Season 23[]

  1. The Nightmare Fair (adapted into PROSE: The Nightmare Fair and AUDIO: The Nightmare Fair)[1]
  2. The Ultimate Evil (adapted into PROSE: The Ultimate Evil and AUDIO: The Ultimate Evil)[2]
  3. Yellow Fever and How to Cure It[1]
  4. Mission to Magnus (adapted into PROSE: Mission to Magnus and AUDIO: Mission to Magnus)[2]
  5. The Hollows of Time (adapted into AUDIO: The Hollows of Time)[2]
  6. The Children of January (final story)[2]
  • Dark Labyrinth
  • Doomwraiths
  • Gallifray (commissioned under the misspelt title, no work ever completed on the story)[1]
  • Iceberg (adapted into PROSE: Iceberg)
  • Point of Entry (adapted into AUDIO: Point of Entry)[1]
  • Meltdown (adapted into AUDIO: Power Play)
  • Space Sargasso
  • Valley of Shadows
  • Untitled story by Pritchard[1]

Season 23: The Trial of a Time Lord[]

Season 24[]

Sixth Doctor[]

  • Untitled Russell T Davis story[4]

Season 25[]

Season 26[]

Season 27[]

  1. Earth Aid (adapted into AUDIO: Earth Aid)
  2. Ice Time (adapted into AUDIO: Thin Ice)
  3. Crime of the Century (adapted into AUDIO: Crime of the Century)

Season 28[]

30th anniversary[]

Amblin Reboot[]

TV Movie[]

Series 1[]

Series 2[]

Series 4[]

Series 5[]

Series 7[]

  • P.S. (DVD minisode, adapted into WC: P.S.)

Series 8[]

  • Untitled James Henry story[5]
  • Strax on trial[5]

Series 9[]

Series 10[]

Unknown season/series[]

Untitled Daleks Spin-off[]

Season 1[]

  1. The Destroyers (adapted into AUDIO: The Destroyers)

The Sarah Jane Adventures[]

Series 5[]

Halloween specials[]

Christmas special[]


Series 1[]

  • Untitled story by Whithouse

Series 2[]


Series 2[]

Home media[]

Reeltime Pictures[]

BBV Productions[]




Doctor Who: The Monthly Adventures[]

Short Trips[]

BBV Productions[]


Doctor Who Magazine[]


Radio Times[]


Daily Mail[]

Faction Paradox[]


Titan Comics[]


Doctor Who Annuals[]

The Journeys of Doctor Who[]

  • Four or five untitled short stories (Original publication was never completed due to the death of David Whitaker, with Rennigan's Record, the only completed story from The Journeys of Doctor Who, being published in DWM 200 14 years later)

Virgin Missing Adventures[]

BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures[]

BBC Past Doctor Adventures[]

BBC Books (unspecified series)[]

Big Finish Productions[]

Tales of Hyspero[]

Faction Paradox[]


The Target Storybook[]

  • Untitled short story by Gareth Roberts (commissioned and written but never published)





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