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The following is a list of unproduced stories in whatever form, although they were known to be considered at some point. Some of them were later released in another form.

Stories are listed under all the series/range they were submitted.

TV stories Edit

Doctor Who Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Season 4 Edit

Season 5 Edit

  • The King's Bedtime Story
  • Operation Werewolf
  • The Queen of Time (adapted into AUDIO: The Queen of Time)
  • The New Machines
  • The Return of the Neanderthal
  • Untitled story by Dixon

Season 6 Edit

Season 7 Edit

Season 8 Edit

Season 9 Edit

Season 10 Edit

Season 11 Edit

Season 12 Edit

Season 13 Edit

Season 14 Edit

Season 15 Edit

Season 16 Edit

Season 17 Edit

Season 18 Edit

Season 19 Edit

Season 20 Edit

20th anniversary Edit

Season 21 Edit

Season 22 Edit

Season 23 Edit

  1. The Nightmare Fair (adapted into PROSE: The Nightmare Fair and AUDIO: The Nightmare Fair)
  2. The Ultimate Evil (adapted into PROSE: The Ultimate Evil and AUDIO: The Ultimate Evil)
  3. Mission to Magnus (adapted into PROSE: Mission to Magnus and AUDIO: Mission to Magnus)
  4. Yellow Fever and How to Cure It
  5. The Hollows of Time (adapted into AUDIO: The Hollows of Time)
  6. The Children of January (final story)
  • Dark Labyrinth
  • Doomwraiths
  • Gallifray (commissioned under the misspelt title)
  • Iceberg (adapted into PROSE: Iceberg)
  • Point of Entry (adapted into AUDIO: Point of Entry)
  • Meltdown (adapted into AUDIO: Power Play)
  • Space Sargasso
  • Valley of Shadows
  • Untitled story by Pritchard

Season 23: The Trial of a Time Lord Edit

Season 24 Edit

Season 25 Edit

Season 26 Edit

Season 27 Edit

  1. Earth Aid (adapted into AUDIO: Earth Aid)
  2. Ice Time (adapted into AUDIO: Thin Ice)
  3. Crime of the Century (adapted into AUDIO: Crime of the Century)

Season 28 Edit

30th anniversary Edit

Amblin Reboot Edit

TV Movie Edit

Series 1 Edit

Series 2 Edit

Series 4 Edit

Series 5 Edit

Series 7 Edit

  • P.S. (DVD minisode, adapted into WC: P.S.)

Series 8 Edit

  • Untitled James Henry story[1]
  • Strax on trial[2]

Series 9 Edit

Series 10 Edit

Unknown season/series Edit

Untitled Daleks Spin-off Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. The Destroyers (adapted into AUDIO: The Destroyers)

The Sarah Jane Adventures Edit

Series 5 Edit

Halloween specials Edit

Christmas special Edit

Torchwood Edit

Series 1 Edit

  • Untitled story by Whithouse

Series 2 Edit

  • Untitled story by Lidster/Davies

Webcast Edit

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Doctor Who Monthly Edit

Short Trips Edit

BBV Productions Edit

Doctor Who Edit

Doctor Who radio spin-off

  1. Journey into Time (1st of 52 stories, actually produced but unbroadcasted and now considered lost)

Comics Edit

Doctor Who Magazine Edit

Radio Times Edit

Robot Edit

  • The Last Regeneration[6]

Daily Mail Edit

Faction Paradox Edit

IDW Edit

Others Edit

  • The Two Doctors ?[6]

Prose Edit

Doctor Who Annuals Edit

BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures Edit

BBC Past Doctor Adventures Edit

Big Finish Productions Edit

Tales of Hyspero Edit

Lethbridge-Stewart Edit

The Target StorybookEdit

  • Untitled short story by Gareth Roberts (commissioned and written but never published)

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